U Mobile P79 review – More mobile hotspot data than Unifi Mobile 99

U Mobile Unlimited Hero P79 postpaid plan
U Mobile Unlimited Hero P79 postpaid plan / U Mobile

Another Unifi Mobile 99 competitor is here. U Mobile P79 is an upgrade for P78, the plan that nobody cares. The question is, is it worth the money?


With just additional RM1, you’ll get unlimited on almost everything you want in this plan. However, no telco will offer a complete package.

Here’s what I thought.

See also U Mobile P99 review.


U Mobile P79 postpaid plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Monthly feeRM79
Internet dataUnlimited
Hi-speed internetUnlimited
Mobile hotspot data20GB
Voice callUnlimited to all network
SMS10 sen per SMS to all network
MMS20 sen to U Mobile only
30 sen to other networks
Roam Onz1GB at 12 destinations**
U Mobile P79 package plan

**Here’s the preferred roaming partner:

1GB internet data is allocated for roaming in 12 countries as listed below.

Roam Onz
Roam Onz / U Mobile

SMS rate

I don’t see much cons in this package plan. The only thing is the SMS rate.

I’ve been highlighting this in almost every review regarding U Mobile plan. Not sure why they still insist to charge 10 sen for every SMS.

Final verdict

Personally, hands down free mobile hotspot 20GB is better than 10GB provided by Unifi Mobile 99. But the only reason I choose Unifi Mobile over U Mobile P79 is mainly due to their network coverage.

Otherwise, this is one attractive package plan.

In case you have any issue with U Mobile service, I suggest you directly contact them on their Twitter account @umobile, they are very responsive.

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