U Mobile P79 review — 20GB and unlimited data

U Mobile Unlimited Hero P79 postpaid plan
U Mobile Unlimited Hero P79 postpaid plan / U Mobile

This is U Mobile Unlimited Hero P79 postpaid plan review. Basically, U Mobile P79 is an upgraded version of the previous P78 plan with additional RM1. The RM1 that can change everything about how you feel about P79. See also if U Mobile P99 meet your usage.

Unlike P78, U Mobile P79 comes with 20GB internet quota for internet surfing and download. However, the best part is, it offers unlimited data for all apps under U Mobile Video and Music Onz.


U Mobile P79 postpaid plan

1. 20GB + unlimited internet data

U Mobile P79 comes with 20GB internet data. However, there’s no data limit for apps under U Mobile like Video Onz, Music Onz, WhatsApp and Waze. Which means you can stream and listen to music using apps like YouTube, Viu, iflix, Joox, Spotify and many more apps without quota.

2. High-speed internet

The unlimited internet data comes with high-speed, unlike its sister, GX50.

3. No data allocation for mobile hotspot

Even though P79 offers unlimited data on video and music apps, all the surfing and download will be utilized from the 20GB data.

4. Unlimited domestic voice calls

Unlimited free call to any networks.

5. 10 sen per SMS

Flat rate to any network per SMS which is at 10 sen.

6. 1GB data for roaming in 12 countries

1GB internet data is allocated for roaming in 12 countries as listed below.

Roam Onz
Roam Onz / U Mobile

7. No contract

No contract upon signing up for U Mobile P79 postpaid plan.

Final verdict

Personally, 20GB is actually not enough for most internet users. But with the unlimited data for the Onz apps, it should be well enough. Make sure your frequently used apps are covered in this group.

In case you have any issue with U Mobile service, I suggest you can directly contact them on their Twitter account @umobile, they look responsive.

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