U Postpaid 98 review – Unbeatable U Mobile postpaid plan

U Postpaid 98 review - Unbeatable U Mobile postpaid plan 1
U Postpaid 98 / U Mobile

Here’s the latest postpaid plan offer by U Mobile. The unbeatable postpaid plan consists of 3 plans. U Postpaid 38, 68, 98. In this article, you’ll be looking into U Postpaid 98, which is the real unbeatable plan. This is U Postpaid 98 unbeatable plan review.


U Mobile has been known to offer some of the cheapest postpaid and prepaid plans. Even with a cheaper price compares to Celcom and Maxis (so obvious) postpaid plans, U Mobile can offer a better plan in terms of internet data, voice calls, roaming data and etc.

So, in this article, let’s take a look into U Postpaid 98 unbeatable postpaid plan. Is this plan offer something they can brag about, or just some random old postpaid plan that got refreshed.

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U Postpaid 98 plan

Monthly feeRM98
Internet data1,000 GB / 1TB
High-speed internetYes (4G & 5G)
Voice callsUnlimited to all networks
Video calls30 sen
SMS15 sen
MMS30 sen
Global roamingFree 15GB
Hotspot data5GB

As you can see above, U Postpaid 98 offers up to 1,000GB of internet data or 1TB. This is equivalent to unlimited data for other packages that offer unlimited plans. All 1TB of internet data can be used without any speed cap. So, it purely depends on the maximum speed you can get in your area.

U Postpaid 98 subscribers also are able to sign up for U FamilyShare and can get up to six U FamilyShare lines at only RM38/line.

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

U Postpaid 98 comes with Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Upon reaching the FUP limits, users will be informed that they will be surfing at a reduced speed of 64kbps until the next bill cycle.

This FUP is normal for all postpaid and prepaid plans.


Final verdict

If you look at it closely, this plan is similar to unlimited internet data. Most of the unlimited plans offer by any telco, they are basically 1TB data plans. It is a matter of whether you can reach the 1TB quota. If yes, then your speed will be reduced and they need to reset the data for you to continue using at high speed — this is the normal unlimited data.

With that being said, this is the only unlimited plan that offers a monthly fee of below RM100 (Digi has Digi Postpaid 150). Even if there is, there will be a speed cap, for example, Celcom Unlimited. One thing that brings down U Mobile is their network coverage, with their current network stats, they won’t be able to stand up among Celcom, Maxis, and Digi.

Honestly, this is one of the best postpaid plans you can get. With almost unlimited data and a monthly fee of RM98, there’s no way any plan can beat this plan (as of writing this article). However, the most important is network coverage. Get this plan if you are under their territory.

That’s it. If you have anything to say, leave it in the comment below.


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