Unifi Mobile replacement – Unifi Mobile vs Digi vs Maxis vs Celcom vs U Mobile

Unifi Mobile 59
Unifi Mobile 59

I think I’m done with Unifi Mobile. Since Jendela program kicked off, their line stability has become worst than ever. Right now, I’m trying to figure out which postpaid plan is the best replacement for Unifi Mobile. In order to find it, let’s go back to all the postpaid plans that I have reviewed here at Barzrul.com.


So, in this comparison, I’ll look into the monthly commitment, internet quota, and most importantly, line coverage. There are few choices in my mind right now, Maxis or Digi. This is because I’ve tried these lines and they have the best coverage in my hometown. However, in this review, I will add also Celcom and U Mobile just for the sake of complete comparison.

Without further ado, let’s break it down. In total, I have three postpaid lines for my family. Basically, they are all unlimited for internet data and voice calls. So, finding an exact replacement will be hard, unless I look into an actual usage on monthly basis.

Postpaid planUnifi MobileUnifi MobileU Mobile GX68
Monthly feeRM59RM59RM60
Internet dataUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Internet speedHi-speedHi-speedHi-speed
Voice callsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

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Unifi Mobile vs Maxis postpaid plans

First, let’s take a look at Maxis postpaid plans.

Unifi Mobile replacement - Unifi Mobile vs Digi vs Maxis vs Celcom vs U Mobile 2

Let’s break it down and compare it to the most similar plans:

PlanExistingMaxis postpaid plan
Monthly feeRM178RM128 + RM48 + RM48 = RM224
Internet dataUnlimited90GB + 30GB + 30GB = 140GB
Internet speedHi-speedHi-speed
Voice callsUnlimitedUnlimited

Maxis Postpaid 98 is the cheapest, however, it only allows a max of 1 share line. I need two. So, the next in the line is 128 plan where I can have 2 share lines. Add up all 3 lines, it’s become just too expensive. Maxis is out. My other option is Digi.


Unifi Mobile vs Digi postpaid plans

Now, let’s take a look at Digi postpaid plans.

Unifi Mobile replacement - Unifi Mobile vs Digi vs Maxis vs Celcom vs U Mobile 4

Let’s do the same comparison:

PlanExistingDigi postpaid plan
Monthly feeRM178RM60 + RM60 + RM60 = RM180
Internet dataUnlimited40GB + 40GB + 40GB = 120GB
Internet speedHi-SpeedHi-Speed
Voice callsUnlimitedUnlimited

Digi has the most similar postpaid plan when combining all three lines with a monthly fee of RM180.


Unifi Mobile vs Celcom postpaid plans

For Celcom postpaid plans, here’s what it looks like:

Unifi Mobile replacement - Unifi Mobile vs Digi vs Maxis vs Celcom vs U Mobile 6

Celcom postpaid plan compared to my existing Unifi Mobile + U Mobile plans:

PlanExistingCelcom postpaid plan
Monthly feeRM178RM80 + RM40 + RM40 = RM160
Internet dataUnlimited40GB + 40GB + 40GB = 120GB
Internet speedHi-speedHi-speed
Voice callsUnlimitedUnlimited

Celcom Mega 80 Lightning with 40GB hi-speed internet is the cheapest postpaid plan. With this plan, I can add up to 3 family lines where I’ll get 50% off for each line. So, total 3 lines with RM160 monthly fee, 120GB hi-speed internet data, and unlimited calls.


Unifi Mobile vs U Mobile postpaid plans

U Mobile postpaid plans:

Unifi Mobile replacement - Unifi Mobile vs Digi vs Maxis vs Celcom vs U Mobile 8

My existing plan compares to U Mobile postpaid plan:

PlanExistingU Mobile postpaid plan
Monthly feeRM178RM139 + RM20 + RM20 = RM179
Internet dataUnlimitedUnlimited + *50GB + *50GB
*is taken from the mobile hotspot data quota
Internet speedHi-speedHi-speed
Voice callsUnlimitedMainline – Unlimited
Share line – 5sen/30sec to all networks

The postpaid plan that best fit is Unlimited Hero P139 with 2 share lines, RM20 for each share line. However, the internet data for the shared line is taken from the mobile hotspot data quota. In this case, it is 50GB hotspot data, so the internet data for the shared line is basically 25GB each.


Final verdict

As I mentioned earlier, Digi and Maxis are the two lines that have the best coverage and speed in my hometown. So, a few bucks different is negligible. Here’s the comparison of Maxis and Digi postpaid plans side by side:

PlanDigi postpaid planMaxis postpaid plan
Monthly feeRM60 + RM60 + RM60 = RM180RM128 + RM48 + RM48 = RM224
Internet data40GB + 40GB + 40GB = 120GB90GB + 30GB + 30GB = 140GB
Internet speedHi-SpeedHi-Speed
Voice callsUnlimitedUnlimited

As you can see in the table above, Digi monthly fee is RM180 compared to my existing RM178. Internet data 120GB versus unlimited. Even though Unifi Mobile offers unlimited internet data, with its speed, my current usage is only around 10GB monthly. So, this shouldn’t be an issue for me.

I would say the clear winner is Digi! Maxis is just too expensive with an almost similar package.

What do you think? Am I missing something in this comparison? Let me know in the comment below.


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