XP Lite 28 vs U28 vs Unifi Mobile 29 review – Which one is better

XP Lite 28 vs U28 vs Unifi Mobile 29 review - Which one is better 1
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Here is a comparison of some of the cheapest postpaid plans you can get right now. Being a major telco in Malaysia, Celcom, U Mobile, and Unifi Mobile are really giving customers like us an option to choose and pick which is the best for us. Find out the comparison of these three telcos on their cheapest postpaid plan.


Some of which that I didn’t include in this cheapest postpaid plan battle like Digi, Maxis, Yoodo, XOX, TuneTalk, and RedONE is simply because they don’t have a cheap plan below RM40 like Digi, Maxis, XOX, and TuneTalk. Yoodo only has one plan which is customized plans and RedONE is simply because I don’t recommend using them.

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Postpaid plans comparison

TelcoCelcomU MobileUnifi Mobile
PlanXP Lite PostpaidU28Unifi Mobile Postpaid 29
Monthly feeRM28RM28RM29
Internet data1GB3GB3GB
Voice callUnlimited calls to all networksFree 50 minutes call to all networks
9 sen / 30 sec to U Mobile
10 sen / 30 sec to other networks
Free 50 minute call to all networks
SMS20 sen / SMSFree 100 SMS to U Mobile
Free 200 SMS to other networks
5 sen / SMS to U Mobile
15 sen / SMS to other networks
Free 25 SMS to all networks
ExtrasNAVideo Onz 3GB
Music Onz unlimited
App Oz unlimited
Waze Unlimited

Postpaid plans comparison summary

  • Monthly fee – Celcom and U Mobile offer RM28 monthly commitment, while for Unifi Mobile RM29 (Winner: Celcom & U Mobile)
  • Internet – All three plans provide high-speed internet (No winner)
  • Internet data – Celcom is the lowest with only 1GB compared to U Mobile and Unifi Mobile with 3GB (Winner: U Mobile & Unifi Mobile)
  • Voice call – Celcom offers unlimited call to all networks while U Mobile and Unifi Mobile offer free 50 minutes (Winner: Celcom)
  • SMS – We can see a clear winner here with 300 free SMS (Winner: U Mobile)
  • Extras – Only U Mobile offer additional free data on top of the basic internet data provided in the postpaid plan (Winner: U Mobile)

Final verdict

The winner is U Mobile U28 with the cheapest and more data plan offered to customers. With only RM28, U Mobile can offer as high as 3GB of high-speed internet data, 50 minutes of free calls to all networks, and 300 free SMS.

U28 is also the only postpaid plan that can offer extra data to its customers. Additional 3GB data for Video Onz and unlimited Music Onz, App Onz, and Waze app. It’s almost crazy to think how they can offer such a plan with only RM28 per month.

Honestly, this is a hands-down winner in this cheapest postpaid battle.

If you have any suggestions and wanted to top up any info, please let me know in the comment below.


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