Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59

Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59 1
Unifi Mobile 99 promotion / Unifi

Recently I happened to visit Unifi website, I was looking for any new promotion they might have. And I saw their Unifi Mobile 99 promotion which is Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59 for Unifi Home broadband customers (Unifi Fibre, Unifi Lite, or Unifi Air).


As you may already know, I am using Unifi Mobile 99 and I pay RM79 monthly. But I am also a Unifi Home broadband customer, I have an active Unifi Fibre account at my house. So, I’ve been paying RM79 for Unifi Mobile 99 which is supposed to pay only RM59.

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Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59

Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59 3

As you can see in the above picture, when I select the No Contract option under I want to get, it says “Pay only RM59 if you are a Unifi Home customer“. When I click the More info link, I get to see below:

Who is eligible to subscribe Unifi Mobile 99 at the price RM59?

Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59 5

We welcome Malaysian and Non-Malaysian aged 18 years and above. As long as your unifi Broadband is active, you will continue to enjoy unifi Mobile™ 99 at RM59 per month!

*RM59 monthly for unifi Home Broadband customers (unifi Fibre, unifi Lite or unifi Air). Price is RM79 monthly for non-unifi Home Broadband customers. Terms and condition apply.

Limited Time! Invite your family members to sign up unifi Mobile™ for RM59/month.

Please refer FAQ for details.


Looking at the FAQ:

Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59 7

Starting from 24th August 2020, we will be having an exclusive offer for all new subscriptions of our Mobile 99.

Unifi Mobile 99 promo FAQ #1

According to the FAQ, this offer is applicable to all new subscribers. But don’t worry, this promo is open to all new and existing customers. Existing Unifi Mobile subscribers may request for Change of Plan via TM touchpoints as per below:


Clarification from Unifi

So, I initiated a chat with Unifi support on their Facebook page to get a clarification on this promotion. This is the response that I get from their representative:

The reason I need to pay RM79 instead of RM59 is that I have registered 2 numbers under my account. Yeah, I got my wife’s number under my name too because of the previous promotion to get Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59. However, when I go through FAQ #12, it says the following:

Unifi Mobile 99 at the price of RM59 9

One (1) account holder can register up to a maximum of five (5) mobile lines and each lines will enjoy RM59 per month.

Unifi Mobile 99 promo FAQ #12

I quoted them this exact point, and finally, the Unifi representative has agreed to try to amend my account to RM59/month. They have applied the price reduction from RM79/month to RM59/month for my account. Once they created the order, I received the following message on my phone:

Dear Valued Customer, Yr UNIFI Modify Order# 10000***** has been successfully created.


Right now, I’m still waiting whether this request will be successful or not. Let’s see for these few days how this thing will go.

Don’t forget to follow me for the update. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment below.

Update: Click this link to find out how this request turns out.


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