Celcom MEGA 128 review – Unlimited or Lightning

Celcom MEGA 128 review - Unlimited or Lightning 1
Celcom MEGA / Celcom

Celcom has upgraded their old Celcom MEGA plan. In the latest Celcom MEGA postpaid plan, Celcom has upgraded the basic plan together with additional 4 plans. In this post, we’ll be looking at what Celcom MEGA 128 postpaid plan is.


Basically, Celcom still sticks to their Unlimited and Lightning plans concept. Which mean, if you opt for unlimited internet data, there’s a speed cap. On the other hand, the lightning plan offers high-speed internet but with limited quota.

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Celcom MEGA 128 postpaid plan

Unlimited planLightning plan
Unlimited internet (15Mbps)
Unlimited HD video, games & music
Unlimited calls to all networks*
20GB hotspot
RM0.20 per SMS
Video call RM0.20 per minute
70GB high-speed internet
Unlimited call to all networks*
Hotspot data will be deducted from 70GB
RM0.20 per SMS
Video call RM0.20 per minute

*Unlimited Calls apply to all networks and for domestic usages only (i.e. within Malaysian networks) excluding video calls, calls to toll-free numbers or numbers with special charges.

When I look at this plan, I believe this is an upgrade from Unlimited L and Lightning L pass from previous Celcom MEGA plan. Let’s take a look at what Celcom offer in this new plan first, later on I’ll compare them with the old plan.

Celcom MEGA 128 Unlimited plan

With Unlimited plan, you will get unlimited data but with a speed cap at 15Mbps. This include inlimited HD video, games & music. Additionallly, you will get 20GB data for hotspot.

Celcom MEGA 128 Lightning plan

On the other hand, for Lightning plan, you will get only 70GB high-speed data. There’s no additional quota for hotspot, hotspot data will be consumed from the main internet quota. Any unutilized internet allocation will be forfeited upon your new billing cycle month.


Final verdict

Honestly, Celcom MEGA 128 is much better and cheaper compare to the old MEGA plan. Comparing to previous Celcom MEGA basic plan which is at RM80 and there’s also a number of options to size up. For example if you size up your old basic MEGA plan with Unlimited L or Lightning L pass, the plan will look like this:

Old Celcom MEGA + Unlimited LOld Celcom MEGA + Lightning L
Unlimited data (15Mbps)
Unlimited calls to all networks
10GB hotspot
RM0.20 per SMS
Video call RM0.20 per minute
60GB high-speed data
Unlimited calls to all networks
RM0.20 per SMS
Video call RM.020 per minute

Yes, from the above table, you can see that Celcom MEGA 128 is cheaper by RM20 and offers more internet data and hotspot data. So, if you haven’t upgrade your old MEGA plan yet, you need to do it now.

Personally, I prefer Lightning plan. It’s simple, I need fast internet connection and I don’t think I can use up all 70GB data in a month. Even if I live in the area where the internet speed only can go as high as 15Mbps, I believe it is still the better option because there’s more reason my usage won’t reach 70GB. What do you think?


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