How to flash BL and CP on Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 / Samsung

Here is how to successfully flash BL and CP or Bootloader and Baseband/Modem on your rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005. BL stands for Bootloader and CP stands for Core Processor, some people call it Baseband or Modem.


Latest Bootloader (BL) is always better than the previous version, however, latest Baseband (CP) is not always better than the previous version. I recommend you to flash the latest BL (doesn’t care from any country), but for CP, you might need to test it out. The best CP for your Note 3 is when you get better signal and faster GPS lock, so it depends on your device modem.

For my Note 3, I use the following BL and CP, works perfectly. Noted that the following BL and CP are from latest firmware for Italy and I am using Samsung Malaysia (XME) phone.

  • BL_N9005XXSGBQE1
  • CP_N9005XXUGBOA2

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if any undesirable outcomes may happen to your device, use of this root guide is solely at your own risk!


Flash BL and CP on Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005

  1. Download the following files and install on your computer:
  2. Download latest BL and CP and save to your local drive.
  3. Get your SM-N9005 device into Download Mode.
    1. Switch OFF your Note 3 SM-N9005.
    2. Take out the battery for 15 seconds and put it back — important!
    3. Press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power buttons together until a construction Android robot icon with a warning triangle appears on the phone’s screen.
    4. Press the Volume Up button to enter into Download Mode.
  4. Right-click on the Odin icon on your PC and select Run as Administrator.
  5. Connect your device to your PC using the original USB cable.
    • An Added message will appear under Odin message box if the phone is successfully detected
    • Additionally, the ID: COM box in Odin will turn blue with the COM port number indicating successful connection
  6. Click the BL button and select BL file .tar or .tar.md5.
  7. Click the CP button and select CP file .tar or .tar.md5.
  8. Ensure only Auto-Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes are ticked.
  9. Click the Start button and the installation process should begin. The process will take a few minutes to complete.
    • When the installation process is completed, the phone will restart and soon a PASS message with green background in the extreme left box at the very top of Odin. Unplug the USB cable from the phone to disconnect it from the computer.
  10. Congratulation, now your Note 3 SM-N9005 is successfully flashed with the new BL and CP.

Note: Test your Note 3 for the CP, if it doesn’t feel right, find another version and flash it to your device again. Just flash CP, follow from step 2 above and skip step 6 for BL.

If you have any issue, let me know in the comment below.


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