RedONE Amazing28 review — Worth it or not?

RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan
RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan / RedONE

This is RedONE Amazing28 review. Honestly, I never liked RedONE, their mobile plan look cheap and at the same time I can feel something fishy — yeah, I found out about this latter. Continue reading to find out what is fishy about this plan.

If you are wondering why I wrote this article, this is because I just subscribed to this RedONE Amazing28 to put in my daughter smartwatch. And in this post, I’ll try my best to give a full review of this plan after using it for almost a months.

Update: I have terminated my RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan account.


RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan

1. 5GB 4G/LTE + *5GB basic internet data

This postpaid plan provides 10GB** data. However, it comes with ** as you can see in the picture above. The actual data you can get is 5GB 4G/LTE and *5GB basic internet and/plus unlimited internet at 64kbps. Here comes the fishy thing.

2. 5GB high-speed internet

5GB 4G/LTE data comes at high speed. 5GB basic internet will have 64kbps. The unlimited internet is at 64kbps. So, basically, you’ll only get 5GB data at high speed and once the 5GB has been used up, the 5GB basic internet and unlimited data will be at 64kbps.

Important! Actual high-speed mobile data you’ll get for Amazing28 is only 5GB!

3. No data allocation for mobile hotspot

No additional quota allocated for mobile hotspot.

4. Unlimited free call among RedONE

You’ll get unlimited* FREE calls among RedONE Postpaid users and RM0.15 per min to all other networks.

Note: Unlimited FREE calls are subjected to RedONE Fair Use Policy.

5. SMS/MMS rates

The rates are ss follows:

  • RM0.05/SMS to RedONE users
  • RM0.10/SMS to other networks
  • RM0.20/MMS to all networks

6. 6 months contract

The minimum contract period of 6 months. A deal-breaker? However, you’ll have a trial period of 1 month. If you want to cancel the plan, please do so within the 1st month.

7. Additional add-ons

Additional add-ons are as follows:

  • RedVIDEO: RM10/purchase for 10GB high-speed data on popular video streaming apps
  • RedCALL: RM10/month for an unlimited voice call to all networks
  • RedSMS: RM10/month for unlimited SMS to all RedONE Postpaid numbers & 100 SMS to all other networks

8. Additional info

RedONE claimed to be using the 5-stars Celcom network coverage. Even their coverage checker is using Celcom Coverage Checker, you can see it here or click this link.

However, my experience says the other way around. I used to use Celcom postpaid plan back then, and I can say the experience with RedONE is not as expected.

Final verdict

So far, what I dislike the most of this Amazing28 plan are the coverage, speed issue and the contract. I used to use Celcom First Basic 38, but the network and speed were better than RedONE.

Last but not least, RedONE Amazing28 is one of the cheapest postpaid plan available today. You have one month of a trial period to see whether this plan really suits your need, before deciding to continue with the 6 months contract.

Personally, not worth.

If you have anything to add, just drop a line in the comment below.


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