RedONE Amazing28 review – My worst experience

RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan
RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan / RedONE

Honestly, I never liked RedONE, their mobile plan looks too cheap to be true — yeah, I found out about this latter. Few months with RedONE, I realized a lot of things. Here I shared the detailed plan and what they are not telling you.


I subscribed to RedONE Amazing28 to put in my daughter smartwatch. After a few months of using it, also tested on my smartphone, here’s my thought about RedONE Amazing28.

Update: I have terminated my RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan account.

Update 2: Just visited their website and realized RedONE has discontinue Amazing28 postpaid plan.

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RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Monthly feeRM28
Internet data10GB** (5GB 4G LTE + 5GB Basic internet)
Hi-speed internet5GB
Voice callUnlimited to RedONE
15 sen per minute to other networks
SMS/MMSRM0.05/SMS to RedONE users
RM0.10/SMS to other networks
RM0.20/MMS to all networks
Contract6 months
RedONE Amazing28 postpaid plan

Internet data

Amazing28 plan provides, as you can see on their website (in the picture above) and everywhere else, is 10GB** data. However, it comes with the ** as you can see in the picture above.

Here comes the fishy thing…

The actual internet data for this plan is only 5GB!!! The other 5GB basic internet is just a dummy advertisement. The speed is capped at 64kbps and I don’t think anyone called this as “basic internet” anymore.

Hi-speed internet

Only for the first 5GB is 4G LTE. After that, you better don’t use the internet. 64kbps speed?? It is basically unlimited data with an injured snail speed.


RedONE Amazing28 comes with a 6-month contract. However, they’ll give you a 1-month trial which means you can terminate your account without penalty during the first 30 days if you don’t like it.

Final verdict

Personally, using RedONE Amazing28 is my worst experience ever. So, please don’t ask me whether I like this plan or not.

I used to use Celcom First Basic 38, but the network coverage and speed are way better wider and better than RedONE.

If you have anything to add, just drop a line in the comment below.

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