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Terminate Unifi Fibre account

Update: I’ve terminated my Unifi Fibre account. Recently I moved to my new house and there is no Unifi Fibre coverage. I’ve updated this post to include my experience to terminate a 12-month old account without penalty.


Here is the proper way to terminate your Unifi Fibre account. First of all, you need to understand that once you subscribe to unifi, there will be a contract period of 24 months. If you cancel your account within this period, you’ll be imposed with a penalty.

The detail of penalty charges are per following:

  1. Any termination of Unifi Home within the contract period:
    • Unifi Basic plan (30Mbps – RM79) & Unifi Lite plan (100Mbps – RM129) a penalty of remaining months will be imposed
    • Other old packages a penalty fee of RM500 will be imposed
  2. The early termination penalty for Unifi TV pack (for old packages) before the minimum period of 12 months will be based on the remaining monthly subscription fee of the Unifi TV pack you subscribed:
    • Aneka+/Varnam+/Ruby+: RM30/month
    • Ultimate: RM60/month

You’ll be required to settle any outstanding bill prior to the termination request in step 5 below.

See also how to terminate Astro account.


Steps to terminate Unifi Fibre account

I’ve split the method under two different situations. The two situations are as follow:

  1. After the 24-month contract – no issue to terminate
  2. Within the 24-month contract – the penalty will be waived if you fulfil the following conditions:
    • relocation and no Unifi Fibre coverage
    • relocation and no Streamyx coverage

Situation 1: After the 24-month contract

If you plan to cancel or terminate your Unifi Fibre account, you’ll need to give 30 days of notice period to TM. The purpose of this is to allow TM billing system to generate the pre-final bill for your account.

  1. Request to terminate your Unifi account through any of TM’s digital channel:
    • Live Chat at Unifi self-help portal at
    • Facebook at
    • Twitter at @helpmeunifi
  2. TM will provide you with a pre-final bill indicating your outstanding balance.
  3. At Day 31 to 35, go to any nearest TMpoint outlet to complete the termination request.
    • Important! If you go to the TMpoint after Day 35 in step 3 above, your earlier 30 days termination notice may no longer valid. Probably you’ll need to give another 30 days of notice period to TM
  4. Once the termination request is processed, you’ll be issued a final bill that sums up all your usage within the final 30 days.
    • as well as the penalty amount for termination within the contract period
    • or for failure to return the equipment (if applicable)
    • any deposit payment will also be pro-rated in the final bill
  5. Pay your outstanding balance including any penalty as stated in the final bill.
  6. Upon payment, the termination is considered completed.
  7. Keep the proof of payment for future reference.

Note: If you are unable to personally walk-in to TMpoint outlet, you may assign a representative to do so, accompanied with an authorisation letter and a copy of your IC to terminate the account on your behalf.

With reference to unifi service termination.

Situation 2: Within the 24-month contract

Note: Make sure you have confirmed that your new house has no Unifi Fibre and Streamyx coverage. If there is Streamyx coverage, you need to downgrade to Streamyx and won’t be able to terminate without penalty.

You’ll need to return modem and router to the TMpoint.

Here’s my personal experience to terminate my Unifi Fibre account:

  1. Settle any outstanding bill.
  2. Bring the modem and router and go to the nearest TMpoint.
  3. Get the Termination form from the counter and get your number.
  4. Fill up the Termination form.
  5. Wait for your turn.
  6. Tell them to terminate your account due to no coverage at your new home.
  7. They’ll need a report to prove that your new house has no Unifi Fibre and Streamyx coverage.
  8. Leave that job to them and go back.
  9. Within 3 to 7 working days, they’ll send a technician to confirm the actual situation.
  10. After 7 days, your Unifi Fibre account will be terminated without penalty.

That’s it. Now I don’t have 100Mbps internet 🙁 Everything is depend on my free 10GB 4G LTE Unifi Mobile hotspot data.

If you have experience in any of the above situations and wanted to share with me, just let me know in the comment below.

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