How to check and manage Celcom FIRST Basic 38 internet

Celcom FIRST Basic 38
Celcom FIRST Basic 38 / Celcom

Learn how to check and manage your Celcom FIRST Basic 38 internet. You will be able to check your remaining internet, wifi, calls, and SMS for the current month. And also you will learn how to purchase or top-up your additional internet quota.


When Celcom introduces their FIRST Basic 38 plan, I have no reason not to take this opportunity to convert my current plan, Celcom Executive 50. This new plan is super cheap with 2GB + 1 GB internet, 2GB + 1GB Wifi, and some more I can carry forward the remaining balance to the following month.

So, I made up my decision…

So, first and foremost, let’s see the price offered by Celcom for the additional internet quota. The following table shows the detailed price for every purchase.

See also Celcom APN settings for Android and iOS.


Check and manage Celcom FIRST™ Basic 38 internet


For Celcom Executive 50, I use “VOL STATUS” and send it to 22188 to check my internet status. To purchase an additional internet quota, I use “BROADBAND VOL” and send it to the same number.

While for Celcom FIRST Basic 38, I need to use “BAL STATUS” and send it to 28882 to check my account status. The detail will include my remaining internet, Wifi, calls, and SMS for the month.

There are two methods:


Purchase additional Celcom internet quota

Method 1: Through SMS

If you are using SMS to buy additional internet, use the below keyword. Select any amount you are going to purchase and use the given keywords.

QuotaKeywordSend to

Method 2: Through call

Another convenient method to purchase additional internet is via call. The “call” here doesn’t mean you call their service centre and talk with the customer support and bla… bla… bla…

You simply dial the following USSD code and follow the instructions given.


When you are done, the system will take around 15 minutes to update your status before you can use the additional internet. The price will be included in your next cycle bill.

Note: Every additional internet quota you purchase will end at your bill cycle date except 1GB that you can carry forward. So, plan your purchase and usage wisely.


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