U Mobile GX68 review – Plus RM18 for hi-speed internet

U Mobile GX68
U Mobile GX68 / U Mobile

An upgrade from GX50 postpaid plan, U Mobile introduces GX68 plan. Looking at the plan, I think this plan is quite attractive, let’s see what are the upgrades. This is U Mobile GX68 review.


Basically, GX50 is everything except hi-speed internet. But, what I know so far, GX68 is the upgrade version of its predecessor. Is this the only upgrade from GX50? Continue reading to find out the detail.

Update: I’m currently using U Mobile GX68 with a rebate of RM10 monthly for life since I register during the promotion period.

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U Mobile GX68 postpaid plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Monthly feeRM68 RM58 (Limited time only)
Internet dataUnlimited
Hi-speed internetUnlimited
Mobile hotspot data5GB
Voice callUnlimited to all network
SMS10 sen to all network
U Mobile GX68 Postpaid plan

If you like unlimited data with hi-speed internet, this is one you must try. Of course it’ll depend on the network coverage.

Monthly fee

As you can see in the above table, U Mobile has a limited-time promotion (at the time of writing this post). You can have a rebate of RM10 for life if you register now. So your monthly fee will be RM58, an additional RM8 from GX50.

Hi-speed internet

This is what make GX68 different from it’s predecessor. GX50 comes with speed cap at only 5Mbps, a speed of 3G while for GX68, U Mobile has removed the cap and now it is unlimited internet speed.

Final verdict

So, yeah… this answers my question. The only upgrade is the internet speed from 5Mbps to unlimited speed.

I think this plan is a good alternative. Rather than GX50, with additional RM8 (limited time offer) you can get hi-speed internet data.

What do you think? Is RM18 for unlimited speed attractive enough to you? Share you thought in the comment below.

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