RedONE Amazing8 review – Why you should avoid it

RedONE Amazing8 review - Why you should avoid it 1
RedONE Amazing8 postpaid plan

RedONE Amazing8, this postpaid plan by RedONE sounds very cheap, you only pay RM8 per month. Have you looked into the detailed plan? Why is it so cheap and why you should avoid it? Here’s my honest thought about RedONE Amazing 8 postpaid plan.


It sounds too cheap to be true. Yup, it’s really RM8 per month, but do you realize how fragile is this plan?

There’s a hidden trick under their sleeve. If you opt for this postpaid plan, it might be best if you set the internet data limit in your smartphone. It can go wrong at any time. You want to find out why I’m saying this, let’s find out.

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RedONE Amazing8 postpaid plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Monthly feeRM8
Internet data1GB data 4G LTE***
Hi-speed internet1GB
Voice callUnlimited FREE calls among RedONE Postpaid users
RM0.15/min to all other networks
SMS/MMSRM0.05/SMS to RedONE users
RM0.10/SMS to other networks
RM0.20/MMS to all networks

***Upon 100% utilization of the bundled high-speed data, the subsequent usage will be charged at a Pay Per Use rate of RM0.10/MB. Customers may opt to purchase Data Top Up to continue surfing the Internet at high speed.

So, with Amazing8 postpaid plan, you will get 1GB 4G LTE hi-speed internet data with unlimited free calls among RedONE postpaid users. Take note here, the free calls are only among POSTPAID users. Calling to RedONE prepaid users and all other networks will be charged RM0.15/min.

The tricky part is the *** at the internet data, you will be charged at a Pay Per Use rate of RM0.10/MB after 1GB 4G LTE bundle depleted. Can you imagine what will be your fee for that month if you didn’t realize your bundled hi-speed data has been consumed?

Basically, you have no choice but to opt with monthly data bundle. Monthly data bundle are as follows:

Monthly data bundle

DataMonthly fee

How is this monthly data bundle looks like to you? What does this mean? If you subscribe to Amazing8 but with an additional data bundle, for example, 5GB. Your monthly fee will be RM68 but you only have 6GB of internet data.

With this, Amazing8 will be more expensive than Amazing58 which comes with 20GB data 4G LTE. This will be nonsense right? At least to me.

Value-Added service add-ons

What Monthly fee

The basic value-added service add-ons are similar to other Amazing postpaid plans. This one should be no concern.


Final verdit

If you are looking to subscribe to RedONE Amazing8, please think twice. Honestly, I would not recommend this postpaid plan to anyone that I know. Your RM8 budget for this plan could go wrong anytime.

As I mentioned in earlier of this post, if you really want to subscribe to this plan, you have the be very careful. Set the internet data limit to 1GB only and make sure when to stop using the internet when it reaches the limit.

Anyway, the choice is yours to make. Let me know your thought in the comment below.


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