Digi 150 Infinite review – The real unlimited postpaid plan

Digi 150 Infinite
Digi 150 Infinite

This is Digi 150 Infinite postpaid plan review. This limited-time offer by Digi is available online only. It is said to be infinite by its name, let’s see what’s inside this plan.


Digi is consider one of the telco that always offer cheap package plan. So, is this Digi 150 Infinite live up to it’s name. Let’s see in detail the package plan and is there any limitations.

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Digi 150 Infinite postpaid plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Monthly feesRM150
Internet dataUnlimited
Hi-speed internetUnlimited
Mobile hotspot dataUnlimited
Voice callUnlimited to all network
SMSFree 1000 SMS (10 sen per SMS for subsequent)
Roaming5GB data + 60min voice call in 10 destinations**
Digi 150 Infinite package plan

Note: Digi Postpaid Infinite is not applicable with device contract sign-ups.

**Here’s the preferred destinations:

  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

Digi 150 Infinite limitations

Please take note, the peer to peer downloads is capped at 64kbps. So, if you are a heavy torrent user, this is not for you.

Other than this, I can’t see any. This is probably the best plan you can get.

Final verdict

Do I like this package? Yes, definitely.

With unlimited internet and tethering, this plan can be an easy choice to replace Streamyx/unifi line at your home.

However, you need to make sure Digi coverage in your residential area, you can go to Digi 4G/LTE Coverage website to check.

According to their website, this package is a limited time offer, so I don’t know when this offer is going to end. If you think that this plan suite your internet, call, and tethering usage, just go and sign-up.

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