U Mobile GX50 review – Is 5Mbps speed enough?

U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX50 postpaid plan
U Mobile GX50 postpaid plan / U Mobile

U Mobile GX50 is one of the cheapest postpaid plan. I mean for unlimited internet data and voice call, this is among the cheapest you can get. I can’t remember any telco has similar offer. Please remind me in the comment below.


Basically, how do you think U Mobile can offer such unlimited data with lower price? Logically, if something is too good, there must be something to be traded-off. To understand this postpaid plan further, let’s dive in.

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U Mobile GX50 postpaid plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Internet dataUnlimited
Internet speedSpeed capped at 5Mbps
Mobile hotspot data5GB 10GB Hi-speed (Limited time only)
Voice callUnlimited to all network
SMS10 sen per SMS to all network
U Mobile GX50 package plan

Mobile hostpot booster

If the allocated quota is finished, you may continue to use mobile hotspot at a reduced speed of up to 64kbps. Or, you can subscribe to Hotspot Booster for 3GB of hotspot quota with no speed cap which is valid for 3 days at only RM3.

U Mobile GX50 limitations

Internet speed is capped

This is the draw back for a cheap but unlimited plan. Actually, at 5Mbps speed you can stream YouTube video with Standard Definition (480p) with no lagging — as long as you can get 5Mbps.

SMS rate

This one I still don’t get it. U Mobile still not able (or don’t want to give) to provide free SMS.

Final verdict

My wife is using this, so far so good. The only thing is there is totally no coverage at my village area, inside the house.

Now my wife is using Unifi Mobile same as me but at the price of RM59 (subline but package plan same as 99). At least the coverage is better than U Mobile.

So, if you want to subscribe to U Mobile, make sure to check their network coverage at your usual location. You can check using U Mobile Coverage Map.

If you have any issue with U Mobile service, I suggest you can directly contact them on their Twitter account @umobile, they look very responsive.

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