TuneTalk Unlimited RM48 review – Unlimited data with 6Mbps speed

TuneTalk Unlimited RM48 prepaid plan
TuneTalk Unlimited RM48 prepaid plan / TuneTalk

This is one new Cun Value Prepaid plan by TuneTalk called Tune Unlimited. It comes with unlimited data and calls to all networks. In this post, we’ll see the detail of Tune Unlimited RM48 prepaid plan, is this plan worth the money. Continue reading TuneTalk Unlimited RM48 review below.


Basically, TuneTalk has signed an agreement with Celcom to use their comprehensive nation-wide coverage since December 2008. Celcom has been known for having the widest and best network coverage, I think it is fair to say that TuneTalk network coverage will be similar to RedONE.

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Tune Unlimited RM48 prepaid plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Monthly feeRM48
Internet dataUnlimited
Hi-speed internetCapped at 6Mbps
Hotspot data5GB hi-speed internet
Voice callUnlimited to all networks
SMSUnlimited to all networks
TuneTalk Unlimited RM48 prepaid plan

We are looking at TuneTalk here, firstly, I think it is so underrated telco in Malaysia. By looking at their plan, I can say it is pretty good. This plan reminds me of UMobile GX50 which now you can get at only RM40 (for a limited time only). You can read my review about UMobile GX50 here.

Hi-speed internet

The internet speed is capped at 6Mbps which is slightly faster than the closest competitor — UMobile GX50 internet speed is capped at 5Mbps. This is more than enough to stream YouTube video in Standard Definition (480p) and play any online games.

Voice calls and SMS

Another advantage of this prepaid plan is the unlimited calls and SMS to all networks. As I remember, this is the only cheap package that offers unlimited for both calls and SMS.

Final verdict

Last but not least, this is a good package. The only downside of it is (I’m not sure you’ll agree with me) this is a prepaid, not a postpaid plan. I prefer postpaid over prepaid due to the reason that I don’t have to think when it is expired and need to prepare the top-up earlier.

As usual, if you think this plan is for you. Don’t forget that a good plan is not just about being cheap, the most important is they must have a stable network coverage. Please make sure they have a good and stable network coverage at your place before making any decision.

If you have something to say about Tune Unlimited RM48 prepaid plan, leave them in the comment below.

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