WordPress ping list best practice

WordPress ping list best practise
WordPress ping list

I’ve been testing so many ping services from so many websites. Some of the websites even recommended hundreds of ping service. I’m not going to do that. This is my WordPress ping list best practice.

Since you found this article, I assume you know what is ping list or ping service right? You should know also why it is important. So, I don’t want to explain what is ping service, just let’s go straight to the point.

This is my WordPress ping list best practise. All ping services listed below are tested and verified 100% working at the time I’m writing this article.

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In order to effectively use this ping list. You must register your WordPress website to Google, Bing and Feedburner.

  1. Register with Google Search Console and add your sitemap.
  2. Register with Bing webmaster and add your sitemap.
  3. Register with FeedBurner and add your site feed.

WordPress ping list best practice

Once you register your website with the aforementioned service, you can add the following ping list:

Don’t forget to change yourURL to your website URL and your sitemap URL.


Add ping service in WordPress

  1. Sign in to your WordPress website.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Writing.
  4. Find Update Services section.
  5. Copy and paste above ping list into the box.
  6. Select Save changes.
  7. Done.

I’ve been using this ping list for a few months if not year and it shows good result. After posting a new article/page, it gets indexed by Google in less than an hour or two.

You should try. Once you get the result, please leave your feedback in the comment below. Let me know if this ping list works for your WordPress site as well.


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