How to listen to WhatsApp voice messages privately

WhatsApp voice messages
WhatsApp voice messages / WhatsApp

Here’s one WhatsApp feature that I think fewer people know. Actually you can listen to the voice messages or voice notes through the phone speaker instead of the external speaker.


How do you usually listen to the voice messages? Tap the play button and the sound automatically play through the external speaker out loud right?

Or if you need a little privacy, you’ll go somewhere no people around or near to you. This is common.

This WhatsApp feature will let you listen to the voice messages through the phone speaker. It’s like you are holding the phone when you’re calling someone.

Here’s how to make it works.

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Listen to WhatsApp voice messages privately

  1. If you afraid someone to hear it, turn down the volume to zero.
  2. Open any WhatsApp conversation.
  3. Tap on the Play button to listen to the voice messages.
  4. Put the phone speaker near to your ear to listen privately.
  5. Distance the speaker from your ear will automatically pause the voice messages from playing.
  6. Tap the Play button again to continue.

How do you think of this WhatsApp trick? Let me know in the comment if you already knew this trick.


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