Yoodo review – Is this plan for you?

Yoodo review - Is this plan for you? 1

Yoodo has only one plan, and that plan is created by you. This is Yoodo review, let’s see what is inside this plan.


Basically, Yoodo is a hybrid of prepaid and postpaid plan. It has all the functionality and monthly features of a postpaid plan, combined with all the flexibility and easy payment options of a prepaid plan.

It’s easy to get started with Yoodo. Just go to their website or download their app, customize your mobile plan and order the SIM.

Once you receive the SIM, activate it and you are good. If you’re not happy, cancel and leave anytime with no cancellation fees.

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Yoodo hybrid plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Internet dataCustomizable
Internet speedHi-speed
Mobile hotspot dataShare with main internet data
Voice callCustomizable
Yoodo package plan

Yoodo hybrid plan is simple, you only pay for you need. Which means, you customize your plan according to your current usage pattern.

Yoodo custom plan
Yoodo custom plan

The basic data plan is RM30/month which includes 5GB internet and 50mins voice call. However, you have an option to include a few add-ons like:

Note: Only available for basic data plan.

Yoodo review - Is this plan for you? 4
Yoodo add-ons

Yoodo limitations

Since this package is all about flexibility, I can’t really say it has any limitations. It all depends on how you customize your plan according to your usage.

So it’s a win-win situation. You only pay for what you want and what you use. The main thing is, you must know what you really want with this plan.

Final verdict

Let just say you are using unlimited internet data, call, and SMS at the moment. Do you actually look at what is the maximum or average data you use every month?

If you plan to change to Yoodo and thinking about what is the best plan. Just look at your current usage: internet data, hotspot data, and call time. Based on this data, you can decide what is the best plan.

Do you think you can customize Yoodo mobile plan to suit your usage pattern? Let just share your experience with me in the comment below.

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