How to fix no internet after reset modem

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I’ve received a lot of questions regarding no internet after reset modem. I decided to refresh, added some contents if they were missing and create this post to make sure you don’t have to scratch your head.


If you reset the modem, as I wrote in this post, you must read how to put in the Streamyx ID and password to get you connected to the internet. This is where most people get confused.

Most people wrongly key in the PPP or PPPoE username and password. Some entered modem ID and passwords and some entered Wifi ID and password. In the connection status, you’ll see “Connected but no internet access“.

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Fix no internet after reset modem

Most of the issues observed, users key in wrong ID and password. Please take note, we are dealing with 3 different IDs and passwords:

1. Modem ID and password

This ID and password are used to log in to the modem web-interface settings when you go to the modem IP address such as or The default usually:

  • admin/admin
  • tmadmin/tmadmin
  • tmadmin/Adm@XXXX (XXXX is the last 4 digit of the modem MAC address)

Want to change this? Read how to change Streamyx modem password.

2. Wifi ID (Wifi name) and password

This ID and password are used to log in to your Wifi network (SSID). This is what you decide. You can put whatever name and set your preferred password.

Read the following articles related to change Wifi ID and password:

3. PPP or PPPoE ID and password

This is the most important! This is the information you needed in order to connect to the internet. This ID and password will help the service provider to identify you and to let you use the service and connect to the internet.

Your username is as follows:

  • If you are using Streamyx, your user ID will be yourname@streamyx
  • If you are using Unifi, your user ID will be yourname@unifi

Make sure the alphabet or numerical is correct. For example:

  • O vs 0: O (o – alphabet) and 0 (zero – numerical)
  • I vs 1: I (capital letter of i) and 1 (one)
  • l vs I: l (small letter of L) and I (capital letter of i)
  • and many others.

ID and username are provided by the service provider. If you forgot this information, you can call 100 for help.

Read some of my articles to set up modem after restore to its factory settings:

Can’t access or

If you can’t access these modem web-interface IP addresses, here are some tips you can try:

Hopefully, you’ll have no issue after this. Let me know if you have any issue or somethings are missing from this post.

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