Astro box New Installation Settings guide

Astro New Installation Settings
Astro New Installation Settings / Astro

In this Astro box New Installation Settings guide, I’m providing step-by-step instructions to re-setup your decoder after you’ve done messing up the settings or something just goes wrong.


In case all the settings go hay-wired intentionally or accidentally, you can always reset or restore the decoder to its factory settings. Read how to reset or restore factory settings Astro decoder for all model.

These are the very basic settings when you installed the new Astro decoder. This is usually done by Astro technicians every time they install a new satellite dish and decoder at your house.

See also Astro NJOI error and solutions.


Astro box New Installation Settings guide

  1. New Installation Setting screen.
  2. Make your selection and press OK to confirm.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. In Input Source, select LNB.
  5. In LNB Type, select Universal.
  6. In Entry Point, select 01 M3 VL-10982.
  7. Check Satellite Signal Strength.
  8. Check Satellite Signal Quality.
  9. Press OK once scans are complete.

Astro Signal Strength vs Quality

By right the highest is the best. However, in most cases, the reading is more than 70% for Signal Strength and more than 90% for Signal Quality.

The higher the reading, the lesser you’ll see the love message from Astro “Service currently not available” on your TV screen. But, you’ll still see it when there is heavy rain.

If I missed out something, let me know in the comment. These are just the basic steps.

For further info or more technical support, please contact Astro customer service on Facebook or Twitter.


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