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I realized that many of you may have trouble with Streamyx Wifi connection, so I decided to compile all the known Streamyx Wifi issues and solutions into this one comprehensive post.


This post contains a collection of links to a post regarding how to fix Streamyx Wifi issues. There is also a list of what are the issues you’re facing, followed by the solutions and how to fix them.

Important! First and foremost, make sure you have an active TM Streamyx account, make sure the LED light for Wifi, Internet, and DSL at the modem is ON. If any of them is OFF, then there is a high chance you have a cable connection problem or your modem is faulty.

See also Webe (Unifi Mobile) data issues and possible solutions.



The most basic thing to do is to restart the TM Streamyx modem. By doing this, you can isolate the possibility of overloaded processes in the modem that impacts performance degradation. Here is the proper way to full reboot TM Streamyx modem or router:

  1. Turn OFF your modem, unplug the cable and wait for 15 seconds.
  2. Plug in the cable, turn ON your modem and wait for 2 minutes.

Now, let see if you have encounter any of the following issues:

Streamyx Wifi issues and solutions

See if you have any of the following issues and fix them.

1. Forgot Streamyx Wifi password

If you’re currently connected to the wireless network, read how to view currently connected Wifi password on Windows.

You also can log in to your modem and check the password, read how to change Streamyx Wifi name and password and view the password under Wireless -> WPA/WAPI passphrase.

2. Forgot Streamyx modem password

There is no choice, you need to reset the modem by following steps provided in how to reset Streamyx modem.

3. Can’t connect more than one device to Streamyx Wifi network

You can change the number of devices that can connect to your wireless network. The complete step by step guide is available here.

4. Streamyx modem LAN light/led is OFF

Make sure the RJ45 cable network is properly fitted into the port at the back of the modem and connected to the PC. Ensure the cable is not faulty.

5. Streamyx modem internet light/led is OFF

If your internet light is turned off, it means that the connection between the modem and the internet is not established. Select which mode you are using to connect to the internet:

Router Mode: You connect to the internet automatically when you turn ON the modem.

  • Router mode dial up is where you dial Streamyx by entering your Streamyx login ID and password in your modem. The internet light might be turned off because you have entered the incorrect Streamyx login ID and password in your modem.

Bridge Mode: You manually dial to the internet using PC.

  • Bridge mode dial up is where you dial Streamyx by entering your Streamyx login ID and password in your PC. The internet light might be turned off because you have entered the incorrect Streamyx login ID and password in your PC.

6. Streamyx modem internet light/led is red after reset

Common issue after you reset the modem is the internet light/led turning to red. This is because the modem was unable to connect to the internet using your Streamyx ID.

If this issue arises after you reset the modem, you can put back your Streamyx ID and password in the WAN Service setting in your modem configuration page, read how to put in Streamyx login ID and password after reset modem.

7. Streamyx modem DSL light/led is blinking

This is the most common issue. Have you restart the modem as per mention above?

If yes and the problem still persists. Try to unplug and plug back the telephone cable, make sure the cable is connected properly to the modem.

Or try using another RJ11 telephone cable or bypass the splitter.

8. People are using my Streamyx Wifi without my permission

Change your wireless network name and password, read how to change Streamyx Wifi name and password.

Hide your wireless network name from being seen by anyone, read how to hide Streamyx Wifi network name.

Secure your TM Streamyx network with MAC filter, read how to secure Streamyx wireless network with MAC Filter.

9. Tips to improve Streamyx internet speed

Fortunately, there are a few options you can try to improve your Streamyx broadband speed. Read the tips to improve Streamyx internet speed.


Listed above are the most popular Streamyx Wifi issues. With provided solutions, hopefully, you’ll manage to solve the issues by yourself.

But, if you think that you might make the thing worse, do not proceed, please call TM for further assistance:

  • If you are using a TM telephone line, please call 100
  • If you are calling from a mobile device, please call 1 300 888 123

Let me know in the comment if you need any help.

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