How to reset Streamyx modem

How to reset Streamyx modem 1
Innacom W3400V6 modem reset hole / TM

Forgot Streamyx modem username and password? Learn how to reset the modem to its factory setting. Once you reset the router with the following guide, your router will be as fresh as it comes out of the box.

Important! Below step-by-step tutorial will reset all settings in your modem and wireless network configuration. Please carefully follow each step to continue using your internet.

Make sure this is your last choice after you’ve tried everything. Have you read this post regarding how to change your Streamyx modem password? Can you remember the password? Still no, continue reading.

Note: I’m using the default modem provided by TM which is Wireless G ADSL 2+ Innacom W3400V6 modem.


Reset Streamyx modem

Final reminder. Make sure this is your last choice. Confirm? Continue.

  1. Power On the Streamyx modem.
  2. Find the Reset hole — it should be at the back of the modem, on the right side of the ON/OFF switch (as shown in the above image).
  3. Get a paper clip.
  4. Using the paper clip, press the Reset button through the hole until the signal indicator lights start to blink.

Done. Now your Streamyx modem is already pre-configured to its factory setting.

Note: You can proceed with the Quick Setup to complete the new configuration automatically.

Important! You must enter your Streamyx ID and password during the setup. If you can’t remember them, please call 100 for help.

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