How to change Streamyx Wifi password on D-Link router

How to change Streamyx Wifi password on D-Link router 1
D-Link DSL-2750E Wireless router / D-Link

Here’s how to change Streamyx Wifi password on D-Link router model DSL-2750E. This is the ADSL type that I bought after the default router spoiled after the power trip incident at my house and it is compatible with Streamyx or now known as Unifi Lite.


I’ve been using Streamyx on D-Link DSL-2750E router for months now. So far, I have no concern about the performance, it does what it does. It’s really cheap and one of the most affordable routers for Streamyx connection.

Note: The following is the step by step to change Streamyx Wifi password on D-Link DSL-2750e router.

See also list of Streamyx certified DSL modem router.


Make sure your computer is connected to the router — wired or wireless (not necessary to have an internet connection).

  1. Open any internet browser.
  2. Go to
  3. On the login page, key in your username and password. Default as follows:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
  4. Press Enter and you’ll be automatically directed to Setup page.
  5. From menu at the top, select Advanced.
  6. From menu on the left, select Advanced Wireless.
  7. Select Security Settings.
  8. Under Wireless SSID menu, select your Wifi name.
  9. Under Wireless Security Mode menu:
    • in Security Mode box, select WPA2 only
    • in WPA Encryption box, select TKIP+AES
  10. Under WPA menu:
    • in WPA Mode box, select WPA2-PSK
    • in Group Key Update Interval box, select 0
  11. Under Pre-shared Key menu, in the Pre-shared Key box, key in your preferred Wifi password (minimum 8 characters including number and special characters).
  12. Click Apply button to save the changes.
  13. Re-connect your device using the new Wifi name and password.

Done. Don’t forget to write down and keep your new Wifi name and password.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment below.


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