How to switch to New Facebook desktop interface

Switch to New Facebook
Switch to New Facebook

Facebook introduced a new interface for desktop users and at the same time, you can enable dark theme. Here’s how to switch to New Facebook desktop interface and activate the dark mode.


From the visual look, this new interface is less cluttered and the loading seems a lot faster. Overall, this new Facebook interface is way better. Don’t worry, it’s not a one-way change, you can always revert back to the classic version if you want.

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How to switch to New Facebook desktop interface

To switch to the new Facebook interface is really simple. Looks for the steps below. You’ll be able to choose to enable dark mode too.

  1. Open any internet browser.
  2. Go to Facebook and log in to your account.
  3. Click on the down arrow in the top right corner.
  4. Select Switch to New Facebook.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Choose a look between Light or Dark mode.
  7. Select Get Started.
  8. Done.

Don’t like it? Here’s how to revert back the change.

How to switch back to Old Facebook desktop interface

Once you enabled the new Facebook interface, you can always switch back to the old classic Facebook look anytime.

  1. Click on the down arrow in the top right corner.
  2. Select Switch to Classic Facebook.

Since this is new and it’s possible Facebook is still testing some of the features. Maybe in the future, Facebook will enforce everyone to use this new interface.

What do you think of this new Facebook desktop design? Which look do you prefer?


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