U Mobile U25 review – 30GB internet data with 3Mbps speed

U Mobile U25 review - 30GB internet data with 3Mbps speed 1
U Mobile U25 prepaid / U Mobile

Recently, U Mobile introduces its latest prepaid plan, U25, and U35. Both are prepaid subscription services and are valid for 30 days. For a limited time only, you can subscribe to U25 with only RM20. So, this is your chance. However, you might want to take a look first at what U Mobile offers in U25 prepaid plan.


Since U25 is a prepaid plan, the subscription will be renewed automatically after 30 days, as long as you have enough balance in your prepaid account. You will receive a friendly reminder (SMS) two days & a day prior to your auto-renewal date. You may disable the auto-renewal service through UMB by dialing *118*1*5#.

There is no data quota cap for U25 and U35. You will stay connected even after reaching the limit according to our Fair Usage Policy.

*Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies.

U Mobile

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U Mobile U25 prepaid plan

Monthly feeRM25 (RM20 for a limited time)
Internet dataUnlimited (FUP 30GB)
Internet speed3Mbps
Voice callUnlimited to all networks
SMS12 sen / SMS
Speed booster1 hour per day for 30 days

How does U Mobile U25 work

U25 is a prepaid plan and valid for 30 days. The normal internet speed is at 3Mbps. If you want to surf at a higher speed, you need to redeem the Speed Booster. This is when you can enjoy the full speed of the internet data, depending on the coverage of your area.

However, it is redeemable for only 1 hour per day. To do this, you must install MyUMobile app and redeem it within the app.

Note: You can only redeem once per day and use it for 1 hour only.

Take note also that the high-speed internet is only applicable for the 30GB. If you reach the limit of 30GB in that month, the speed will be flat at 512kbps for normal usage or even when you redeem Speed Booster. All this data can’t be shared with other devices.


Final verdict

So far, U Mobile has offered some of the cheapest postpaid and prepaid plans. And I myself am one of their subscribers (currently I have one line under U Mobile which is Giler Unlimited GX68 with a monthly fee of RM60)

Honestly, so far their service has never disappointed me. Looking at this plan, with RM20 you can get 30GB of data with 3Mbps speed. I would say, worth trying. It can be considered as one of the cheapest prepaid plans with a pretty good package.

If you plan on getting prepaid for your secondary smartphone with a reasonable monthly fee and some internet data to surf your social media account. You may consider U25 as one of the options.

If you are currently using U25 and have something to say, you can leave a comment below.


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