6 TikTok video shooting and editing hacks that you should know

6 TikTok video shooting and editing hacks that you should know 1
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TikTok is a go-to platform where you can post anything and everything of your choice. The platform is quite a hub of trends and features. It drives incredible traffic! It is a user-friendly platform offering great content-creation tools for creators. So if you want to master the TikTok app, you need to know some tactics. What would they be? As you all know, TikTok is only a video app, so recording and editing a video plays a significant role in it. So the primary know-how is some filming hacks to outshine the competition.


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Are you wondering how knowing shooting and editing hacks help you grow on the platform? Yes, it does! If you edit a video with updated features, you might get more likes, views, shares, comments, etc. If you need to improve engagement with your TikTok videos, then you shall try using Trollishly and boost your online presence. Continue reading the article to learn more!

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Fundamentals of TikTok shooting and editing

TikTok videos hold a particular value on social media. Before you shoot them, know the basics clearly. As TikTok has a native editing tool, it is pretty easy to produce highly engaging content. It may be boggling the beginners, but the fact is that if you know the shooting and editing basics, then it is possible to reduce the production time, and your idea generation time will be doubled.

How to record an ideal TikTok video?

  • Take it on your smartphone and enter the TikTok app.
  • Once you enter, click the ‘+’ symbol to create a new video.
  • Set the countdown timer so that you shall shoot your video hands-free.
  • Once you finish recording, the app shows you the options for editing. If you need it, you shall edit your videos and then go for the posting.

Essentials for recording the TikTok videos

  • Good lighting
  • Less noise background
  • Shooting gadgets
  • Good camera

How to edit your videos?

Basic editing goes with all these below steps as follows,

  • After filming the video, you shall adjust the duration of the video. You shall trim the unnecessary video clips if it is necessary.
  • Next, you shall increase or decrease the recording speed of the video. If you want a slow-motion video, reduce it, or if you wish for a fast-lapse video, you shall increase it.
  • Now the next big thing is to use filters to enhance your video. The app offers color filters, beautify and enhance. With these features, it is easy to make your videos look better.
  • Based on your video concept, you shall use the stickers of your choice. It may be animated stickers, questions, mentions, hashtags, etc.,
  • You should even try the video effect if it suits your scenes.
  • Once you finish the editing, it’s time to publish your videos on TikTok.
  • If you click Next, you shall write the caption and include the hashtags of your choice. Now click publish, and your video is ready to roll on the platform.

Create your dream content on TikTok with the help of the below tricks

1. How to create a slideshow on TikTok?

Slideshows on TikTok taking center stage in TikTok videos. Let’s understand more with the below points.

  • Click the plus symbol on the TikTok home screen to create a new video.
  • You shall even upload videos from your camera roll.
  • For the slideshow, you shall select as many photos or videos as you want and work on editing.
  • Now click ‘Next’ and then publish your video.

2. How to include Voice Effects on TikTok?

Some creators would include voiceovers for their videos. Do you want to try out the same for your TikTok videos? Then follow the instructions below,

  • Similar to a regular video, you have to create a new video. Record it, and then on the right hand of the screen, you will see the voice effects button.
  • You shall click on it and then give your original audio a voiceover.
  • Even robotic voices are available on TikTok. So it is possible to have cartoon voices in your videos.

3. How to utilize the Green Screen filter for TikTok videos?

Green screen is one of the incredible filters on the TikTok platform. Many users are utilizing it and gaining more popularity on the platform. You can even buy tiktok followers and shall strengthen your online presence effortlessly. Creators shall now take videos from anywhere, even if the background is not good. It is because green screen filters are designed to remove your background and make it fancier.

  • Once you record the video, tap on the effects.
  • You can use the green screen filter effects by using any photo or the green icon as the background.
  • To change the background, you need to repeat the same process.
  • One of the funniest ideas is that you shall clone yourself using this filter.

4. How to create Transition videos on TikTok?

Transition videos shall be created by placing the video clips correctly. Editing is a significant part of creating transitions. Creators have to provide a visual connection between the transitions. Some may be expert on it. The video looks great at the end, but the process is more, and care must be taken.

  • You have to record a clip for transition videos, and it should end with a transition moment.
  • You have to remember how you finished the video clip and start your following clip in the same position.
  • You must use this in your recording to ensure your video is considered the transition.
  • Using the countdown timer and tripods for better video output would be best.
  • Once you merge all the videos, hurrah! Your transition videos are ready!

5. How to add text for your videos?

Once you have created the video, click the text icon with the ‘T’ symbol. Now you shall write the desired captions on the videos. You shall customize the captions based on the font type, font size, colors, text backgrounds, etc. These texts would explain more about your videos. With texts, the online presence of the videos would also be high. Furthermore, you shall even use Trollishly for better reach.

6. How to include Auto-Generated Captions on TikTok?

TikTok’s recent feature is to include the auto-captions. This option makes a way to communicate information to people with hearing impairments. It is possible to turn on auto-captions for your recorded video. The captions would be automatically generated and shown to the viewers for the spoken audio. You can see captions on your screen if you turn on the option. If you want to edit it, you shall do it manually.



TikTok is a comprehensive platform, but you need to play some editing games to stand ahead of the competition. You have to practice editing to accomplish your goals. If you need further inspiration, scroll on the TikTok platform and get hooked on the new techniques. Are you creators ready to put forth the points given above in making your videos? It’s high time to plan and customize your videos. Get started today! If you want to convey your opinions, leave your comments in the comment section below! Thanks for reading! We hope you like it!


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