10 TikTok updates that you need to know in 2023

10 TikTok updates that you need to know in 2023 1
TikTok in 2023 / Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

Now the world is rolling out in 2023, and online media is growing and growing. There is no way to decline. Even after years, TikTok is one of the best social platforms worldwide. With over 1 billion active users worldwide, the app never settles out with upgrades and changes in the interfaces. The app is becoming more user-friendly with its daily updates, encouraging people to be active on the platform. 


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Why is it important to know the latest TikTok updates?

TikTok updates are dynamic concerning the audience’s interests and trends. Sometimes, the updates would be based on the competitor’s platform. For instance, if a competitor platform introduces a specific new feature, it will be recreated on the other platforms, too including TikTok. So many marketers may wonder why we should provide importance to the TikTok updates. The answer is quite simple.

When we check on the TikTok algorithm, it shows the top trending videos on the For You page. So if you want to be trending, it is vital to know the updates. By creating trending videos, you can gain followers. More than that, you should buy tiktok likes and uplift your online presence. 

So below is the complete guide on TikTok’s latest updates. So marketers shall leverage this guide and stay tuned to the latest updates of 2023. It would be easy to grab the attention of the audience. Let’s get started!

Benefits of knowing TikTok updates

  • If brand marketers rotate their eyeballs on the TikTok updates, they will be on the line with the latest updates. So they will take advantage of all opportunities in the online market. 
  • Moreover, the creators and marketers will become aware of the latest features, so they might use them wherever they want. 
  • If you are planning to outshine the competition, then knowing TikTok updates is much more essential. 

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10 TikTok updates that you need to know in 2023

1. TikTok launched the Gaming Tab

TikTok is about to launch an in-app gaming experience for all gamers. So, if you are a gaming company, get ready to leap onto the platform and have an excellent account. Games will be seen on TikTok’s home screen. As of now, the TikTok games will be accompanied by ads. Moreover, the app is becoming more funny and entertaining for the audience. Furthermore, TikTok users shall try leveraging TikViral and amplifying their online exposure. 

2. TikTok Pulse

Generally, if a creator performs and posts videos well on the TikTok platform, the app will encourage the creators by providing some funds. So now TikTok finally launches the TikTok Pulse program, where they share the ad revenue with top creators. It is an official announcement from the app. So if you are an eligible creator, you should apply for the TikTok Pulse program. 

3. TikTok’s Photo Mode

TikTok’s new feature Photo Mode is more like Instagram carousels. Still, the app is a short video platform, and it has introduced the photo mode. With this feature, the creators can add music tracks, and the users shall swipe left or right and shall scroll automatically. TikTok Photo Mode helps to include different kinds of photos under a single post. 

4. TikTok New Profile kit

TikTok users shall now highlight the videos on other platforms. It is possible to display six videos on the LinkTree page. When clicking on the link tree links, the users can watch the videos within the app itself. All the feature is called Profile Kit. This profile kit will boost your engagement. 

5. Downvote comments

After several testing, TikTok has now introduced the downvote option. It helps the users flag irrelevant, unnecessary, or inappropriate comments. Before this option, the users shall be able to report to the app if anything violates the community guidelines. If something is harmful, you shall complain about it and resolve the issues. 

6. TikTok video descriptions

The video descriptions are extended up to 2200 characters. The creators shall explain in detail about the video content so it would be easy for the audience to understand. If you check on some of the descriptions, it includes SEO optimizations so that it may drive more organic traffic. 

7. TikTok Now

TikTok Now is a feature where users shall build an online community. The app has launched a new real-time dual-camera feature. With this feature, you can invite your friend, and both shall simultaneously view what you are doing. Both the front and back cameras shall be seen at the same time. So it will be more of a real-time interaction. 

8. Nearby option

TikTok is now testing a new feature Nearby feed, where the local content can be promoted. These nearby posts will appear near the Following or For You tabs. With the TikTok algorithm, it would be a significant reach if you included the location. TikTok also helps the local community to develop their business to a worldwide audience. 

9. TikTok partnership with NCS Solutions

TikTok is now partnering with the NCS Solution, which helps advertisers to measure their results. For example, when advertisers create a new strategy and implement it, the outcomes will be measured. If anything is wrong, the corrections have been made, bringing in more revenue to the platform. This NCS Solution will also check the total customer journey from the first digital impression until now. 

10. TikTok New Trend Discovery tool

With this new Trends Discovery tool, the marketers shall check on what’s hot on the platform. The hashtags, songs, videos, etc., can be known. With this feature, it would be easy to captivate the audience. Moreover, you shall try using TikViral and shall change the TikTok game. 



Although these features will be launched in 2023, many must be aware of their potential uses. We have listed above some of the features that would be useful for users and marketers. Apart from this, keep an eye on future updates for better improvement. Once you start practicing to get information regarding the updates, then sure you have great growth. If you find the article interesting, leave your feedback below. Thanks for reading!


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