ONEXOX Black B54DB review – 18GB high-speed + 30GB 3Mbps

ONEXOX Black B54DB review - 18GB high-speed + 30GB 3Mbps 1
ONEXOX Black B54DB plan / XOX

The new Black data buffet, B54DB is here. If you subscribe during the promotion period, you will get RM5 discount for life. The promotion will end this 21st Jan, 2022. If you subscribe after that, you will get a normal price which is RM54 per month. So, what is this B54DB plan? Continue reading to find out more.


ONEXOX Black B54D is a new postpaid plan from XOX. As you may already know, XOX is using Celcom network. So, in terms of coverage, there should be no worry as Celcom has the widest coverage in Malaysia. You can check the coverage here.

You may purchase B54DB plan via the channels below:

  • XOX Online Store (New and MNP Port in)
  • XOX Black App (COBP from ONEXOX Prepaid to B54DB, change from other BLACK plans to B54DB)
  • XOX Self Care (COBP from ONEXOX Prepaid to B54DB, change from other BLACK plans to B54DB)
  • XOX Authorized BLACK dealer

Before that, let’s find out the detailed plan.

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ONEXOX Black B54DB plan

DescriptionPackage plan
Monthly feeRM54 RM49 (Limited time only)
Base data8GB (high speed)
Data from DB40G (10GB up to 4x a month)
HotspotUnlimited from data bucket
Voice CallsUnlimited to all networks
SMSs100 SMS for free

How is it works

B54DB plan comes with 8GB base data and 4 times of 10GB top up when the data balance reaches the threshold. The first 10GB top up will be high-speed data, whereas the second (10GB), third (10GB), and fourth (10GB) top up data speed will be at a 3Mbps speed.

10GB data will be auto top up each time your data counter falls under 2GB. The data top up will be credited to the BLACK data counter on the next calendar day. When the next bill cycle arrives, all data in the black data counter will be reverted to high speed.

When your bill cycle date arrived, you can carry forward the balance data and your data counter will be uplifted from the speed control. That means if you have 13GB (5GB carry forward + 8GB base data) high-speed data from the beginning of the new billing cycle, and you are still entitled to up to 4 times data top up during this billing cycle!

The downside

As of now, once the speed control is imposed, you will have to wait until the next billing cycle to enjoy high-speed data again. There’s no way the data will be reverted back to high-speed, even you purchase the Season Pass data.


Final verdict

ONEXOX has presented some of the best prepaid plans. They have been known to provide carrying forward unfinished data and their longest validity. However, for this specific B54DB plan, I would say it doesn’t really outshine its competitors.

Let’s take U Mobile GX50 for instance. U Mobile offers RM50 per month with unlimited internet data which is capped at 5Mbps. B54DB and GX50 are similar in terms of unlimited voice calls to all networks.

Honestly, I wouldn’t go for B54DB plan because of the capped speed. In my opinion, with 3Mbps speed cap, the plan should be cheaper. You can check out U Mobile P48, P38, or U28 for comparison.

But if the concern is the network coverage, then U Mobile may be at a disadvantage. Other than that, I can’t find any significant advantage.

That’s it. If you have anything to add, leave them in the comment below.


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