Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid review – As low as RM20 monthly

Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid review - As low as RM20 monthly 1
Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid

Your Plan, Your Way! Say hello to the new prepaid plan on the block with Celcom Xpax Mix & Match™. The all-new Mix & Match™ prepaid plan from Celcom Xpax offers flexibility and customization. The lowest plan starts from RM8 for 5 days or RM20 a month with high-speed Internet.


Mix & Match™ is a new feature in Celcom Life app and Celcom Online shop that allows customers to customize their own Internet Pass. Customers can choose validity, Internet quota, add-ons, and even premium subscriptions.

Celcom Prepaid customers with the latest Prepaid SIM and/or customers who have activated their SIM since 7th October 2021 are eligible for this package. For customers who are on the older starter pack can upgrade their plan for free by sending “MIG XPAX” to 28882 via SMS.

What are the customer benefits of the Mix & Match™ Plan?

  • Customers pay for only what they need
  • Customers can choose from a wide range of products to customize their own Internet Pass

So, let’s see the detailed Mix & Match by Celcom Xpax.

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Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid plan

The following are the steps to customise Internet Pass with Celcom Xpax Mix & Match.

STEP 1: Select a Primary Plan (mandatory selection)

  1. Select between the validity of 5 Days OR the 30 Days Mix & Match™ Plan.
  2. Choose a Primary Plan to begin customising: –
Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid review - As low as RM20 monthly 3

Note: If you choose the High-Speed Internet Primary Plan, you can tether/hotspot. However, for Unlimited Primary Plans, you will have to choose the hotspot feature from the Essentials category to enjoy tethering/hotspot services. 

STEP 2: Optional selection of Add-ons (Essentials, Add-ons, Premium Subscription)


  1. There are 3 items under this category:
    • Voice Calls 
    • High-Speed Internet
    • Hotspot
  2. Unlimited calls available for all Primary Plans.
  3. High-Speed Internet and Hotspot are only available for Unlimited Internet Primary Plans.
Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid review - As low as RM20 monthly 5

Note: You will get free unlimited essential apps limited to (Whatsapp, Wechat, LINE and Boost) when you customise your Mix & Match plan via Celcom Life app only. It is limited to selected Primary Plans, refer to the product table for more information.


You can choose up to a maximum of 3 apps:

Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid review - As low as RM20 monthly 7

Premium subscription

Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid review - As low as RM20 monthly 9

STEP 3: Checkout and Complete Payment

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can proceed with the payment. When your payment is approved, your Mix & Match™ Plan will be activated.


Final verdict

If you prefer quick Mix & Match™, Celcom Xpax also created 3 new pre-configured passes that cater to those seeking light usage, best value, and best experience.

For example, one of the pre-configured passes includes a 30GB high-speed Internet at RM35 for 30 days, with Unlimited Calls. There’s also a 40GB Internet pass with unlimited calls at RM45 for 30 days.

This concept is similar to Yoodo (which is also run under Celcom network) where you’ll be able to fully customize your plan according to your usage, pay only what you need. The basic plan is exactly similar for both which is RM20 for 30 days.

However, in this Celcom Xpax Mix & Match prepaid plan, you can choose between 5 days or 30 days validity. The 5 days plan I think is for you to try it out before go for 30 days plan.

What do you think of this plan? Leave your comment below.


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