List of Streamyx certified DSL modem router

List of Streamyx certified DSL modem router 1
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Here’s the list of Streamyx certified DSL modem router. All models in the list are compatible with Streamyx which is pre-configured with the Streamyx setting.


Generally, all new modem router with ADSL2 capability will work well with Streamyx.

However, among these certified modems, I’d suggest you to avoid using Riger modem router, the reason for this is Riger modem silently broadcast hidden network that can be used by anyone.

Have you ever heard people using free Wifi called Riger Wifi anywhere in your area? The worst part is you can’t disable them, there is no option to disable them. Let’s see what are other options.

See also Streamyx Wifi issues and solutions.


List of Streamyx certified DSL modem router


D-LINK DSL-520BEthernet Router3.10L.01.A2pB022g.d20e
D-LINK DSL-2542BEthernet 4-port Ethernet RouterV1.00B01T01.GE.20070703
D-LINK DSL-2740BEthernet 4-port Ethernet+ Wireless RouterEU_DSL-2740B_3.06L.04V_0.11_M.A2pB021c.
RIGER TC-505GL4 ethernet port, 1 uplink dslv.1.022-15j
EchoLife HG520BEthernet 4-port Wireless Router3.10.14.0-
Riger DB120Ethernet 4-port Ethernet Router3.08L.01.A2pB022c.d20d
BiPAC 5200 R4Ethernet 4-port WirelessG2.11.38.0(RE0.C29)
BiPAC 5112SEthernet 1-port2.7.0.38(UE0.B1C)
Hurricane 5200Ethernet 1-port1.3.9-Std 1.3
ZyXEL P-660HW-T1 v2Ethernet 4-port with wirelessV.3.40 (AZX.0)
ZyXEL P-660R-T1 v2Ethernet 1-portV.3.40 (AGJ.3)
SMC7901WBRA1Ethernet 1-port with wireless1.3.9
D-Link DSL 2600-uEthernet 1-port with wireless3.12L.01.A2pB023k.d20k_rc2
Prolink Hurricane 5301GEthernet 1-port with wireless1.3.9-Std G1.7T
ZyXEL P-660W-T1 v2Ethernet 1-port with wireless3.5.18.8_A_TC
Innacomm D2100Ethernet 1-port1.3.9
Innacomm W3100Ethernet 1-port with wireless1.3.9
WIC  Cisco SHDSL CardSHDSL Card for router12.4(15)T6
SMC7901BRA4Ethernet 1-port1.3.9
SMC7901WBRA1Ethernet 1-port with wireless1.3.9
3Com ADSL 0231A50Y Cardadsl card one portCMW520-R1718-SI
3Com SHDSL 0231A63H Cardadsl card one portCMW520-R1718-SI
3Com SHDSL 0231A54Dadsl card one portCMW520-R1718-SI
Riger DB 120-WLEthernet 4-port + Wireless Router3.12L.S_02.A2pB023k.d20k_rc2
BiPAC 8500Ethernet 4-portHelium 210-80 Shdsl (orion) ver.1.00
WAG54G2Ethernet 4-port with wirelessV1.00.17
WAG160Nv2Ethernet 4-port with wirelessV2.00.11
Riger DB 108-WLEthernet 1-port + Wireless RouterDB108-WL ver.C1 C2
DSL1000EWEthernet 4-port with wireless212.66.1
BaudtecEthernet 1-port + Wireless RouterRTK V2.1.1
DSL-2640BEthernet 4-port with wirelessGE_1.07
TM6841GEthernet 4-port with wirelessDMT FwVer:
W3400VEthernet 4-port with wirelessW3400V-4.02L.03-TM
TC-505GLShdsl modemG.bis,v 1.023-6
DB102Ethernet 1-portTM-58-DB102
WAG120NEthernet 4-port with wirelessV1.00.13
Riger AR-5211Ethernet 4-portA011-306CHT-C02_R02
Belkin Basic F7D1401v1Ethernet 4-port Wireless Modem Router1.00.31 (Mar 11 2010 08:28:53)
Belkin Share F7D3402v1Ethernet 4-port Wireless Modem Router1.00.39 (Apr 13 2010)
Belkin Surf F7D2401v1Ethernet 4-port Wireless Modem Router1.00.31 (Mar 11 2010 08:32:28)
ASUS DSL-N11Ethernet 4-port Wireless Modem RouterV0.00.17
Planet ADW-4401Ethernet 4-port Wireless RouterV2.1.2
Thomson TG784nEthernet 4-port Wireless & VoIP Gateway8.4.H.A
Kasda KW5816Ethernet 4-port Wireless Modem Router4.02L.03.A2pB025c1.d21j2
Innacomm W3400V – upgrade wireless softwareEthernet 4-port with wirelessW3400V-4.02L.03-TM
ZyXel P-660HN-T1AEthernet 4-port Wireless Modem Router3.12.8.6_TC3086
ASUS DSL-N10Ethernet 4-port Wireless Modem Router1.0.0.8
ZTE ZXV10 W300 SeriesEthernet 4-port Wireless Modem RouterW300V1.0.0a_ZRD_OV
One50 Multi-Service Access RouterEthernet 4-port Wireless RouterONEOS10-ADVIP-V4.2R6E13
Aztech DSL5005ENEthernet 4-port Wireless Modem Router243.106.1.012
ASUS DSL-N12UEthernet 4-port Wireless Modem RouterV9008
Certified Streamyx modem

So, which DSL modem router you’re using? Would you mind to share in the comment below?

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