Yoodo plan review: Customize your plan

Yoodo mobile plan review
Yoodo plan review – image via Yoodo

This is Yoodo plan review. According to Yoodo, pronounce as “you-do”, they are a new hybrid of a postpaid and prepaid plan. They have all the functionality and monthly features of a postpaid plan, combined with all the flexibility and easy payment options of a prepaid plan. They have only ONE plan, and that plan is created by the user. In that plan, the user can choose how much data, voice, SMS you need.

Yoodo runs under Celcom coverage, the most comprehensive coverage in Malaysia, so you can expect a reliable and fast network. Yoodo also supports all forms of 4G including HSPA+, LTE, and true 4G with high-speed data. The most importantly, it runs without VPN running on your phone.


Pros of Yoodo plan

  • The base plan is looking good
  • You can customize the plan for what you need only
  • Everything is flexible

First, let’s take a look at the base plan. The base plan is RM30/month which include 5GB of data (worth RM25/month), 50mins voice call to any network (worth RM5/month), and 0 SMS.

Additionally, there are few add-ons available that can be purchased with base data plan:

  • Facebook: 20GB for RM5/month
  • Youtube: 20GB for RM10/month
  • Instagram: 20GB for RM5/month
  • WhatsApp: 20GB for RM5/month

If you total up everything, your monthly bill will be RM55.

On the other hand, you can choose to customize your plan according to what you need. You can adjust the data from 0 to 100GB, the voice from 0 to 2000mins, and the SMS from 0 to 2000. All of these are flexible, totally depend on you. And the best part is, you can change the plan every time the 30-days cycle end.

Yoodo flexible mobile plan
Yoodo custom plan – image via Yoodo

If you buy an add-ons for any apps, you’ll see an additional donut-shaped meter on your Dashboard that will display your add-ons app. This donut-shaped will represent your add-ons app data. This is where you can track the app usage.

For the tethering data, There is no extra charge. All data for tethering or hotspot, will be consumed from your base or monthly data quota.

Cons of Yoodo plan

  • N/A

(For now I don’t see any downside of this plan yet. If you have someting to add in the list let me know.)

Final verdict

This plan is seriously under my consideration. It’s flexible and cheap, running under trusted network with widest coverage, Celcom. However, I’m not sure how the coverage will be compare to redONE. I’m not satisfied with redONE even though it runs under Celcom coverage.

If you need any help, you can refer to Yoodo community forum here. There are a lot of hot topics being discussed in detail, including the speed and coverage comparison among the top telco in Malaysia.

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