How to force Dark Mode on all websites in Google Chrome

dark mode in chrome
Dark mode / night reader in Chrome

Most of the websites have enabled the Dark mode by default. But there also lots have yet to enable this mode (including mine, yet). If you are reading a website at night and prefer a dark background, you’ll like this post.


If the website has not enabled the dark mode or provides an option to turn on night reading, here’s the alternative method to force Dark Mode. If you are using Google Chrome browser, you can do this by using an extension.

The result might not be as good as the default dark theme (see image above). Still, at least it’s not too bright for your eyes to read in a dark environment. Continue reading to find out how to use it.

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How to force Dark Mode on all websites in Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser.
  2. Go to Chrome Web Store.
  3. Search for Dark mode / night reader extension.
  4. Select Add to Chrome.
  5. In the popup menu, select Add extension.
  6. Go to any website.
  7. Click on the Dark mode icon in the toolbar to select the mode.
  8. If this is the first time you are using on the website, it will ask you to reload the website.
  9. Select mode that is suitable for your eyes by clicking on the icon a few times (as you can see the image above, you can choose from 4 modes).
  10. You can thank me later.

If you don’t like this extension or wanted to try others, you can search the Chrome Web Store using the keyword “dark mode” or “dark theme” or “night mode” or “night reading”.

But don’t mistake with the Google Chrome dark mode.

Come share your favorite Google Chrome extension for dark mode or night mode in the comment below.


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