TM Streamyx wireless connection issues and fixes

TM Streamyx troubleshooting

TM Streamyx wireless issues and fixes

I realize that some of you may have trouble with TM Streamyx wireless connection, so I decided to compile and summarize all the connection issues and fixes in this post. If you are a regular reader on this blog, you may stumble many posts regarding TM Streamyx, but for those new readers, hopefully, this post will help to make your troubleshooting easy.

Before you start, make sure you have an active TM Streamyx account, make sure the LED light for Wifi, Internet and DSL at the modem is ON. If any of them is OFF, then there is high chance you have a cable connection problem or your modem is faulty.

The most basic thing to do is to restart your TM Streamyx modem. By restarting your modem, you can isolate the possibility of overloaded processes in modem that impacts performance degradation.

Here is the proper way to full reboot TM Streamyx modem:

  • Turn OFF your modem, unplug the cable and wait for 15 seconds.
  • Plug in the cable, turn ON your  modem and wait for 2 minutes.

Issue: I forgot my wireless network password.

  • If you are currently connected to the wireless network, read this post.
  • If you are not connected to any wireless network, read this post.
  • You also can login to your modem and check the password, read this post, follow the step to log in to your modem and view the password under “Wireless” –> “WPA/WAPI passphrase”.

Issue: I forgot my wireless modem password.

  • There is no choice, you nee to reset the modem by following steps provided in this post.

Issue: I can’t connect more than one device to my wireless network.

  • Connect the computer to your modem using the LAN cable, log in to the modem by following this post, look under “Wireless” or “Advance Setting” for setting “Max Clients”, make sure it is not set to “1”.

Issue: LAN light/led is OFF

  • Make sure the RJ45 cable network is properly fitted into the port at the back of the modem and connected to the PC. Ensure the cable is not faulty.

Issue: Internet light/led is OFF

  • If your internet light is turned off, it means that the connection between the modem and the internet is not established. Select which mode you are using to connect to the internet:
  • Router Mode: You connect to the internet automatically when you turn ON the modem
    • Router mode dial up is where you dial Streamyx by entering your Streamyx login ID and password in your modem. The internet light might be turned off because you have entered the incorrect Streamyx login ID and password in your modem.
  • Bridge Mode: You manually dial to the internet using PC
    • Bridge mode dial up is where you dial Streamyx by entering your Streamyx login ID and password in your PC. The internet light might be turned off because you have entered the incorrect Streamyx login ID and password in your PC.

Issue: DSL light/led is blinking

  • This is the most common issue. Have you restart the modem as per mention above?
  • If yes and the problem still persist. Try to unplug and plug back the telephone cable, make sure the cable is connected properly to the modem.
  • Or try using another RJ11 telephone cable or bypass the splitter.

Issue: People is using my wireless network without my permission.

  • Change your wireless network name and password by following this post and read this post to hide your wireless network name from being seen by anyone.
  • You can read this post on how to secure your TM Streamyx network with MAC filter.

Issue: Is there any tips to improve my Streamyx connection.

  • Fortunately, there are few option you can try to improve your Streamyx broadband speed. Read the full article here.

If you think that you might make the thing more worse, do not proceed, please call TM for further assistance:

  • If you are using a TM telephone line, please call 100
  • If you are calling from a mobile device, please call 1 300 888 123
Get stuck in the middle or if you have any questions, let me know your thought in the comment below. Appreciate the knowledge, let your friends know about this post. Like and share this post with your friends.

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  • Aya Suhaida

    assalam, sy ada masalah dgn streamy wifi tp -link, Petang tadi sy ada wat aduan kpd Tm tetapi wifi sy masih x dpt dikonet. Sebelum ni sy cb ikut cara encik bagaimana reset semula modem ttp tdak jadi. masalah berpunca atas kecuaian saya tertekan punat wps sebelah butang on/off. Sudikah encik bantu saya. urgent.

    • Wassalam. Bleh bg lebih detail?

      • Aya Suhaida

        Assalammualaikum, terima kasih kerna balas komen sy. Begini ceritanya, sy dlm kelam kabut ketika itu lalu tertekan punat kecik wps sebelah On/Off. Selepas kejadian tersebut, saya tfk dpt wifi connection asik sambung putus bl cuba konet. Perlukah sy tukar id and password streamyx utk reset semula. Sy telah cuba step by step disarankan oleh encik. Apa masalahnya? Kesemua lampu di modem menyala termasuk wifi.

        • Wassalam Aya, awak press wps button utk 5 saat smpai wifi/wps led blinking quickly. Kalau lepas tekan tapi wifi/wps led blinking slowly, press sekali lagi. Cuba sekarang.

  • Armitron Mine

    Same here… Please help me… Lampu wifi ngan dsl putih… Tp lampu internet merah… Mcm mane ni???

    • Ada buat apa2 tak sebelum dia jadi merah?

      • Armitron Mine

        Ade tekan butang reset

        • Masalah dah settle?

          • Armitron Mine

            Blom settle

          • Dah masukkan Streamyx login ID dan password?

          • Umar

            Dekat mana ye nak isi streamyx id n password?

          • Cari setting untuk PPOE.

  • Tchild Swee

    facing constant internet disconnection almost 2 to 3 times per day that requires fixing connection and reset modem but the problem still persist…any help please?

    i’m using streamyx 4mbps with 2 pc wirely connected to a tm d-link modem.

    • Hi, is the disconnect issue happen on both PC or just one?

      • Tchild Swee

        both pc.

        • The problem now narrowed down to whether your cable, modem or ISP that causing the unstable connection. Is the problem still happen if you are using wireless network?

          • Tchild Swee

            yup, once disconnect even smartphone wifi also hilang…don’t think it is the cable…
            if it is the ISP, what can i do? if call tm they usually just tell you to reset/restart modem…

          • Tchild Swee

            just recall months ago some dude from tm called me to promote unifi, he said streamxy cable made of copper can rust so that is why “internet selalu putus putus….tukar unifi la” tapi my pocket byk ketat so i tak layan dia…

            can it be true what that dude was saying?

          • Tchild Swee

            some correction….i haven’t really “reset” modem yet, what i did were just restarting it…constantly

          • One thing you can try is to use different modem to see whether it is related to the modem. If you can rule out the modem, then its must be ISP.

          • Tchild Swee

            my internet speed test ok, ping 32, dlspeed around 4mbps.
            as for testing out other modem, will try that soon….thanks for reply.

          • Can be true also. But that should not be the reason. How about your internet speed. Do you get what you paid for?

          • Tchild Swee


            setting up new modem, so far so good because using not even more than 3 hours…
            this modem same model dlink DSL-2640B but no tm logo and when log in to router it doesn’t show snr margin or line attenuation… how to configure it to show more details?

          • Tchild Swee
          • How is your connection now, still having the disconnect issue?

          • Tchild Swee

            called tm, they came check then later changed new telephone wire….everything running smooth now.

          • Great.. so after all, it was due to the telephone cable.. I should create a post to help people who might have similar issue.. thanks.

  • Shariz

    Assalamualaikum, saya punya browser selalu keluar ads bila connect dengan wifi kat rumah, tapi kalau guna wifi lain xde kluar ads. Phone pun kluar ads bila connect dengan wifi kat rumah. Macam mana nak settle kan problem ni ye?

    • Wassalam, apa ads yg kluar?

      • Shariz

        pop up ads yang selalu keluar bila guna wifi rumah. Kalau guna wifi lain xde.

        • Tronald Dump

          maybe ade hidden adsware kot.

  • mohamad luqman

    salam, selepas reset modem lampu led tm dan dsl sahaja yg menyala. saya, sudah restart modem tapi led untuk internet masih tidak menyala. ada penyelesaian lain tak?

    • Wassalam, dah check cable connection?

      • mohamad luqman

        sudah, wire semua connected. selepas reset, lampu dsl dan logo tm yang besar sahaja yang menyala yang lain terpadam. Mungkin modem tm problem selepas reset. atau ada langkah lain yang perlu saya buat selepas saya reset dan restart modem?

        • Selepas reset, kena masukkan semula Streamyx ID dan password. Pastikan betul..

          • mohamad luqman

            Macam mana nak masukkan sebab internet tidak berjalan. Boleh bagi langkah-langkah dia?

          • login ke modem > quick setup

          • mohamad luqman

            fixed dah problem. problem dekat lan cable. sebab tu tak boleh masuk kat quick setup.

          • Orait bro.. nasib baik check cable 😉

  • Apple Zainudin

    hai, saya ada masalah laptop tak boleh connect dgn wifi rumah. wifi rumah saya ada dua router. sbb kalau satu router je wifi tak sampai dekat area belakang rumah. laptop boleh detect satu router je. router kedua tk boleh detect. and tak boleh connect dgn both router. saya dah reset modem kedua bila reset lampu wifi tak menyala.

    • kena enable wireless dalam setting router.

  • farah nordin

    Salam nk tanye.. streamyx problem . Lampu internet and dsl langsung tak naik. Kenapa erk?

    • Firdaus Suhaimi

      Sama masalah. Lampu DSL tak menyala.

      • Line telephone ok x?

        • Firdaus Suhaimi

          Sebenarnya saya pakai astro IPTV Maxis Fibre. Tapi coverage under TM. Saya tak amek pakej telephone.

          • Ok, awak dah try ikut post di atas?

          • Firdaus Suhaimi

            Dah cuba unplug wire, masih tak boleh. Belum cuba tukar rj11. Nak kena beli dulu,

          • Firdaus Suhaimi

            Dah beli, tapi tak boleh jugak. Masih tak menyala

          • Ada guna splitter dari wall outlet ke modem?

    • Dah check line telephone?

  • Amin Amsyar Amir

    Salam, wps dekat modem saya tidak menyala. Macam mana nak enable wps ni ?

    • Kena login ke modem dan enable kan wps.

  • Muhammad Faiz

    Salam… td ada laa guna tip bro barzrul utk speed up line wifi. Guna kaedah username tmadmin dan password admin@xxxx. Ok dapat masuk… lps tu ade laa mcm usik2 sikit benda2 lain… then lps tu, smpai ke saat ni wifi xjd. Lmpu led utk internet jd merah dan led wifi xnyala langsung… so, mcm mane nk buat ye…. dh laa wifi pakcik. Adoi…

    • Wassalam.. setting apa yg diusik2 tu?

      • Muhammad Faiz

        Xbrapa ingt jgk… mula2 buat lngkah kedua nk tukar yg b+g+n ke n… xboleh sbb system tu ckp xleh… lps tu buat langkah sterusnya smua xleh… pstu tukar password tmadmin tu dgn password lain. Lg ade buat yg mcm nk set up balik punye akaun… dia suruh tekan next… sy tekan je laa smpai siap proses tu… then lmpu led internet jd merah… terus xleh guna smpai skrng

      • Muhammad Faiz

        Yg ni line wifi ade lg tp internet je xde… los tu panik p reset balik akaun guna default setting… terus lmpu led wifi hilang… n lmpu led internet kekal merah… xleh dah nk log in dlm sistem..

        • Sambung modem ke pc guna cable > open > log in guna default username dan password > masukkan streamyx account id n password > save

  • Nur Zhafarina

    salam.. saya punya internet jadi merah la. mulanya saya nak tukar password lain saya dah ikut step betul2. last sekali saya click save. terus jadi merah internet tu and no line terus. saya rasa saya tersilap streamyx id dgn wifi id. saya sama kan dua2 nama tu. macam mana nak buat ni ye? tolonggg T_T

    • Wassalam, sambung modem ke pc guna cable then login semula ke modem dah tukar streamyx id awak.

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