How to take a full-page screen capture in Google Chrome

Full Page Screen Capture
Full Page Screen Capture / Chrome Web Store

Wanted to take a screen capture of a whole web page instead of what is on your screen? In Chrome, there are a few extensions that’ll let you do this easily. Here’s how you can screen capture the whole web page in Chrome.


The simplest way to take a full-page screenshot of your current browser window. Th full-page screenshot can be downloaded as an image or PDF or even just drag it to your desktop. Continue reading how to full-page screen capture.

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Take a full-page screen capture in Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser.
  2. Go to the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Search for Full Page Screen Capture extension.
  4. Select Add to Chrome.
  5. In the popup menu, select Add extension.
  6. Go to any website.
  7. Click the Camera icon on the toolbar to screen capture.
  8. You’ll see the capture process in progress.
  9. Once done, the image will open in the new tab and you can edit it before downloading it to your drive.

You can download the screenshot as an image or PDF file. Here’s the example of the full-page screen capture using this extension:

Full page of Barzrul Tech
Full-page screen capture of Barzrul Tech

Would you like to try this method? Let me know in the comment.

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