How to fix Webe (Unifi Mobile) hotspot “Connected but no network access”

Webe (Unifi Mobile) hotspot
Webe (Unifi Mobile) hotspot

Learn how to fix Webe (Unifi Mobile) hotspot connected but no network access. Webe provides FREE 10GB 4G/LTE hotspot monthly. However, while using it, you might sometimes face the following issues or errors:

  • You receive SMS saying: “Oops you have not add-on any hotspot passess yet. Get it now on”
  • You can connect your laptop to the hotspot but there is no network access. It shows “Connected but no network access”.

So, what is the problem?

Basically, the FREE 10GB provided by webe is for 4G/LTE network only. This means, if your phone is not connected to this network, you will face those issues.

See also Webe (Unifi Mobile) APN settings for Android and iOS.


Fix Webe (Unifi Mobile) hotspot “Connected but no network access”

The only way to solve this issue is to make sure your phone is connected to the 4G/LTE network. Look this post to set up your phone for Webe hotspot.

  1. First, make sure you are in Webe network coverage.
  2. Check whether you are connected to the 4G or 3G signal.
  3. If the connection is on 3G, check mobile data settings to verify if 4G is enabled.
  4. If your phone support 4G/LTE Only option, choose this option to make sure you are connected to this network only.
  5. Ensure the signal level is good.
  6. Turn On the hotspot and start tethering.

What if there is no 4G/LTE coverage?

Unfortunately, you need to buy the Personal Wi-Fi Pass if you’re going to use the hotspot. You can buy the Wifi pass from webe self-care or mobilecare apps on your phone.

Do let me know in the comment if this post helps you.

If you’re already connected to the 4G/LTE network but the issue still persists, you can get in touch with webe Live Chat in Self-Care or use the Online Web Form.


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