How to disable AMP in Google Search on Android and iOS

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Disable AMP in Google Search

Learn how to disable AMP in Google Search. Here I want to show you a simple trick to force Google Search to not display AMP links in the search result. Personally, I don’t like to view the AMP version of the websites. Even though it’s fats, it breaks some of the website functionality.


Update: is officially dead.

Basically, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page, it shows a simplified version of the website. According to Google, websites that opted-in for AMP are 4 times faster than the equivalent website without AMP in terms of loading time.

To see which pages of the website that using AMP, simply do any keyword search on Google Search and look for the lightning bolt icon with AMP label below the page description.

When you click on it, you’ll notice the page will load almost instantly. And there you go, you are viewing the AMP version of the page.

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How to disable AMP in Google Search on Android and iOS

Google, however, did not provide any official method to disable this and I think Google has no right to determine which version of the webpage should be served to the user. We should be given an option whether to use it or not.

The workaround

If you get annoyed with the AMP pages, here is the workaround to disable AMP in Google Search so you will not see any pages from any websites in a simplified version — AMP version.

You will be using encrypted Google Search page to force Google Search to display the regular version of the websites.

To do this, instead of using the normal Google Search page, you need to open the encrypted Google Search by using this link —

Go to

By using this encrypted page, you have to perform your search in the search box. You can make this encrypted page as your home page to make the future search easier.

Note: Remember, once you open the encrypted Google Search page, do not use the search bar to perform the search. Please use the Google Search box instead.


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