How to write an attractive About Us page (Works with any niche)

How to write an attractive About Us page (Works with any niche) 1
Write an attractive About Us page

Getting started with a new blog includes a lot of steps that are essential. But most newcomers skip some of the basic ones which are very important for building a new blog from scratch. The possibilities range from SEO-related elements to blog information. Such things may not seem critical at the start but they surely affect your blog in the long run.


Disclosure: This is a guest post and the author’s views here do not necessarily reflect those of the blog owner.

Therefore, we are going to discuss such an important factor that is the “About Us” page. If you have added an About Us page previously just for formalities then you must read this guide to make sure you are providing the right piece of information for both the crawlers and readers. Let’s start building an attractive About Us page for your blog!

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What is About Us page?

About us, pages are very common nowadays. You will find it on most of the popular blogs and sites that believe in delivering the best possible information to their visitors. It is a page that contains A to Z information about what you do, what services you offer, what are the goals of your company/organization, and related information.

It goes without saying that the more attractive and navigating page you have, the easier it will be for anyone to go through it. About Us pages come in different templates. For example, if you visit a popular fashion blog it will have a lot of images along with offers and deals on the sidebar. Such elements describe the purpose of the blog to its readers.


Why About Us page is important?

Writing an about us page may seem a meaningless task for most newbie bloggers. But it has as much importance as any other page on your blog. Suppose you are about to start your own fashion blog, it will require you to add important pages like Contact us,  Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy. Similarly, the About Us page is essential for guiding people who are visiting your blog for the first time.

Aside from providing information about yourself, the About Us page is very useful for receiving collaboration or advertising requests. The sole reason why it proves to be useful for such perks is credibility. A well-written About us page creates credibility while creating a reliable image of your blog. Therefore, adding an About us page is a must.


How to write an attractive About Us page?

1. About you

Adding information about yourself is essential for any About Us page. You can add your past experiences and interests motivate you to keep working hard toward providing the best possible content.

In addition, you can add about your past and your future goals that you wish to achieve by helping others or providing services. Providing details like your full name, age, and hobbies can attract a specific audience.

2. Why did you start?

There must be a reason why you decided to start the blog or business. Sharing this reason with your potential audience creates a bond with the person who wishes to know more about you and your business.

You can share the story of your initial phase on how you built your online image and achieved the current phase. If people get to know about the difficulties you faced during the journey, they are more likely to trust you with their expectations.

3. What is your goal?

Just like we talked about previously, sharing the future potential of your own business and blog builds trust with your visitors. By sharing your goal, you can create a moment of suspense for those people who are connected with you. Allowing you to grab the attention of a similar audience in a more meaningful manner. Therefore, make sure to add your thoughts about future plans or include a roadmap if possible.

4. Why someone should choose your blog?

You are not the only one who is currently working on that particular niche. The market is full of countless competitors that you need to deal with. So why someone should choose your blog/business instead of others? you need to give them solid reasons for it.

Outlining your business features and specialties of the content you provide can help your audience differentiate between other blogs and yours. It makes it easier for you as well to compete with possible competitors.

5. Details for getting in touch

Not all people use your “Contact Us” page directly before submitting their queries. Especially those who are visiting your blog for the first time will look for more information regarding what you do and who you are. Hence, they are more likely to visit your About Us page before contacting you for any reason.

So it is your job to make it easier for them to get in touch with you by providing the details on the About Us page. You can add your official email address, your address(for businesses), and a valid phone number. Once they are satisfied with the services you provide and see enough potential in them, they will surely contact you.


Final thoughts

Having an About us page on your blog/website can benefit you in a lot of ways. Creating personal branding through your blog is a difficult task and without an attractive About us page, it is near to impossible.

Not to mention About us page has all the information regarding your business site/blog which is mandatory from an SEO perspective as well. In conclusion, we highly recommend adding an about us page considering the potential issues you can avoid with the help of it in the future. Feel free to ask any questions below and share your thoughts.

This is a guest post by Timose.


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