How to remove credit card from Google account

Google Payments profile
Closing Google Payments profile

Here’s a tricky part when you want to remove a card from your Google account. Learn how to successfully remove your debit or credit card from your Google account.


Your Google account is including Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Pay, AdWords, other Google products and non-Google apps.

Basically, you’ll be prompted to “Choose a new payment method before removing XXX” every time you want to delete or remove the current card. It turns out, Google is assuming you are just replacing a card.

This situation happens because you only have one card registered in Google account. Which means, you must attach at least one card to it.

So, if you only have one card registered with Google account, the only option left is to permanently close or end your Google Payments profile for good.

In order to do so, you need to follow the step by step instruction below.

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Permanently close Google Payments profile

Important! The following step will affects your data like:

  • Credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods saved for purchases on Google products and non-Google apps and websites
  • Transaction info for purchases made on Google Play, Adwords, YouTube, or other Google products, as well as any digital in-app purchases
  • Transaction info for money you’ve sent or received using Google Pay or Google Pay balance

Steps are as follow:

  1. Go to Google Pay website.
  2. Sign in to the profile you want to close.
  3. Select Settings tab.
  4. At the bottom of the page, select Close payments profile.
  5. Select Continue.

Now your Google Payments profile has been successfully removed and you no longer have access to the above data or make any transaction on all Google service.

Let me know if you manage to close your Google Payments profile and delete your debit or credit card for good. I wanted to know if this post really helps you.

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