How to change Streamyx modem DNS server

TM Streamyx modem DNS configuration
Innacomm W3400V6 DNS Server settings

Learn how to change Streamyx modem DNS server to improve your internet experience. By changing the default DNS server provided by your local ISP to a better one, it may impact your internet speed.

DNS server or IP address can affect your browsing experience, using a faster DNS server can significantly improve your internet speed. For example, you can try using Google Public DNS or OpenDNS server.

Besides that, there are few methods which can help you to find faster DNS IP address available around you, one of it is by using Namebench. You can read this post on how to use Namebench to find the fastest DNS server.

Note: This tutorial is using default Streamyx modem provided by TM which is Innacomm W3400V6 modem.



Connect your computer to the router wired or wireless.

Your modem login information, by default as follows:

  • Username/ID: tmadmin
  • Password: Adm@XXXX (XXXX is the last 4 digit of your modem MAC address)

Change Streamyx modem DNS server

  1. Open any internet browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your login detail and click Login.
  4. Select Advanced Setup menu on the left.
  5. Select DNS sub-menu.
  6. Select DNS Server.
  7. Click to check Use the following Static DNS IP address option.
  8. Enter your preferred DNS server in the Primary DNS server and Secondary DNS server.
    • For Google Public DNS, the DNS servers are as follows:
      • DNS 1:
      • DNS 2:
    • For OpenDNS, the DNS servers are as follows:
      • DNS 1:
      • DNS 2:
  9. Click Apply/Save to save the changes.
  10. Reboot your modem for the new configurations to take effect.

Done. Now your TM Streamyx modem is using your new and preferred DNS server or IP address.


You can always change the DNS server whenever you feel the internet has been slowed down. By using this setting, all device connected to the network will be using the same DNS server unless they’ve been setup to use different server.

Personally, I’m using Google Public DNS server on my modem. How about you?

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