How to improve internet speed with Namebench


Learn how to improve internet speed with Namebench. Namebench is a small app which can help you to find the nearest and fastest DNS server that you can use.


The DNS server will surely impact your internet browsing experience. That’s why choosing the best DNS server is important. You’ll be surprised by how much change the DNS server can make.

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Find the fastest DNS server with Namebench

You’ll have to download this simple app called Namebench and no installation is needed.

  1. Download Namebench.
  2. Double-click and run Namebench.
  3. In Namebench settings, choose whether you want to include global (like Google DNS) and regional DNS services, your data source (probably Firefox) and the Benchmark Data Selection.
  4. Hit the Start Benchmark button (Namebench will begin testing the speed for all DNS server available around your area).
  5. The test will take a while and you can continue your job while the test running in the background.
  6. Once complete, the result will appear in your default browser as a page of charts and tables. At the top of the page, it tells you whether you are using the fastest service. You can scroll down the list and see the details of each DNS configuration.
  7. At the top right of the page, Namebench will recommend you the best DNS configuration. It includes the detail of the Primary to the Tertiary server settings.
  8. Now you know which is the best DNS for you.

Note: Namebench will not help change your DNS server automatically after the test. That’s up to you.

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