How to connect to TM Wifi@Unifi public hotspot

How to connect to TM Wifi@Unifi public hotspot 1
Unifi public hotspot wifi@unifi / Unifi

Here’s how to connect to TM wifi@unifi public hotspot. The process of connecting to the hotspot has been simplified and it never been this easy. Continue reading to find out how.

You are no longer required to use i-foundit! app to connect to Wifi@Unifi public hotspot. Also there is no registration needed. All you need to do is click on SURF NOW button to connect.

Note: This service is available for everyone including non-unifi customer. So, kindly note that your existing wifi@unifi user ID and wifi PIN are no longer valid.


Connect to TM Wifi@Unifi public hotspot

Once you are at the public hotspot area, just follow the steps below to connect to wifi@unifi:

  1. Enable the wifi function on your device.
  2. Select wifi@unifi SSID from a list of available wifi hotspot network.
  3. You will be auto-directed to the wifi@unifi landing page.
  4. Click on the SURF NOW button to get connected.

Note: If you’re not auto-directed to the landing page, you may need to manually launch your internet browser.


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