5 Tips to improve Wifi signal strength

Improve Wifi signal strength
Improve Wifi signal strength / YouTube

Here’the list of 5 tips to improve your Wifi signal strength. With these tips, you will be able to improve your Wifi coverage and speed up your wireless connection. No more frustrating.


There are many simple mistakes that you may not realize can make your wireless router not performing at it’s best. For examples, where and how you put your wireless router. All these simple and basic things can affect and weaken your Wifi signal strength.

If you experience dropped in Wifi signal or speed, or no signal at all while surfing, don’t worry, you can try below simple tips to improve and boost your Wifi signal strength.


Essential tips to improve Wifi signal strength

1. Reduce the distance between router and device

  • A Wifi router has a distance limitation when it comes to the signal range. As distance increases, the signal becomes weaker.
  • You should consider placing your wireless router in an area where you would frequently do your browsing activities. If it is already fixed, find ways to do your browsing activities closer to the router.

2. Avoid obstruction between router and device

  • Wifi signal can’t travel through physical obstructions e.g. thick walls, metals, and solid objects. The signal efficiency will decrease when it passes through obstructions.
  • You should place your WiFi router in an open area to maximize signal reception. Avoid placing your WiFi router in a closed cabinet, room or under the stairs.

3. Avoid electromagnetic interference by home appliance

  • Electromagnetic Interference is a signal wave generated by home appliances like microwave ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors etc. This signal wave will interfere with your Wifi connectivity which reduces the signal efficiency.
  • You should place your wireless router away from these types of home appliances to reduce the risk of interference. Also, avoid sharing a power socket with these types of home appliances.

4. Avoid heat

  • High temperature will affect the wireless router performance.
  • You should place your wireless router in an open area to allow heat ventilation. Avoid stacking up your broadband equipment to reduce the risk of overheating.

5. Wifi security password

Last but not least, you can also use Wifi Extender. It is a device where you can use to expand your Wifi coverage. This device should be available at any electronic shop.

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