Why it’s beneficial to outsource IT services

Why it’s beneficial to outsource IT services 1
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The outsourcing model is not new. Millions of businesses outsource essential services such as accounting because it’s cheaper and more effective to pay a third-party company to handle tasks existing employees are not able to do. IT is no different.


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IT outsourcing can include services such as bespoke software development, web design and development, application support, and web hosting. Businesses can outsource to companies locally or in a different country. There are pros and cons to each.

If you are currently debating whether to outsource your IT, here’s why it could be beneficial.

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The benefits of outsourcing IT services

Cost Savings

The main reason why many businesses choose to outsource IT services to a third party is that it can slash operational costs. Hiring an experienced employee to handle things like IT support, web design, and other technical tasks is expensive. If you want a candidate with a reasonable level of experience, you’ll need to pay above-average rates. In addition, there are other costs of employment, such as recruitment fees, employer’s tax, pension contributions, and National Insurance.

Access to Greater Resources

Employing an in-house IT expert might seem like a good deal, but outsourcing lets you enjoy a greater wealth of knowledge. IT companies that offer IT services have teams of experts, all of whom are extremely knowledgeable in their respective niches. Instead of relying on an employee with maybe 10 years of experience in cybersecurity, you can take advantage of a team with a combined experience of 60+ years. It makes more sense to outsource if you need access to a wider skillset.

You won’t need to worry about keeping employees trained either. A managed IT outsourcing provider like soVision IT will prioritize training their employees, so they are familiar with all the latest programs and techniques.

Greater Flexibility

IT employees are only available during their contracted hours. Sure, you may get them to work overtime if an issue arises, but it will cost you in extra pay and holidays in lieu. That’s not a cost-effective way to manage a problem.

Outsourcing makes a lot more sense. You have support available 24/7, which is really useful if your website is hit by hackers at 3 AM. You can access support only when you need it, which applies to remote workers too. So, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that all employees, whether they work from home or not, can get help with IT issues.

Increased Productivity

IT issues can cause a lot of stress in the workplace. Even simple issues like a network printer refusing to work are a big headache for staff. Outsourcing IT to a local provider means you have support whenever there is a problem, thus freeing up your employees to get on with their jobs. It makes sense from a productivity perspective.

With remote working becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses, IT support is more important than ever. Whether you are looking for a support provider to handle your cybersecurity needs or are considering developing a bespoke software solution, outsourcing is almost always cost-effective and sensible from an operational perspective.


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