How to fix Astro “Service Currently Not Available” error message

How to fix Astro "Service Currently Not Available" error message 1
Service Currently Not Available / Tahir Azis / Twitter

A basic troubleshooting guide for Astro satellite signal issue, this is how you can fix Astro “Service Currently Not Available” (SCNA), the most popular on-screen error message. According to Astro, the “Service Currently Not Available” and “Pixeling” can be due to a few reasons. If you head over to their website, you can find a list of the possible causes of this.

Among the possible causes, the most popular reason is weather condition which leads to no or weak satellite signal, usually when in raining weather. There are also may be due to the misaligned satellite dish, wrong cable connection or faulty Set Top Box (STB).

But what if there is no weather issue, you have confirmed you are using the correct cable connection and the Set Top Box is in good condition, you still have the “Service Currently Not Available”? Try to follow below guide and see if the issue can be solved.


Fix Astro “Service Currently Not Available” error message

Follow exactly as below to fix the error.

  1. Take Astro remote control.
  2. Press Home button.
  3. Select Settings menu and press Ok button.
  4. Select Installation Settings and press Ok button.
  5. Enter your 4-digit PIN in the Pin Entry (Default PIN is 0000).
  6. Select Satellite Settings and press Ok button.
  7. Make sure the Input Source is set to LNB and the LNB Type is set as Universal.
  8. Press Ok button to continue.
  9. Make sure the Entry Point is set to 1 MEASAT 3(VL) and press Ok button to continue.
  10. Wait for the signal to be locked and press Ok button to continue.

Done. Please check whether the issue is resolved.


In most cases, these steps will fix the error. However, if the issue still persists, you can call their customer service for further assistance or contact Astro on Twitter.

Astro customer service number as follows:

  • +60 3-9543 3838
  • +60 3-7494 5000

They will most likely ask you to do some basic satellite signal checking and will arrange for a technical support by a 3rd party.

Important! Please be reminded, if you are a non-premium subscriber (your monthly bill is lower than RM100) you will be charged RM53 into your next bill for the technical assistance.

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Hello. I have follow some of your steps up there until point 6. For point 7, I don’t have “1 MEASAT 3(VL)” in list of The Entry Point.


Hai…am r injoi user..and still using decoder old model… how to fix problem service currently not available.. meanwhile there’s no weather issue…it’s suddenly happen…


Hey it works! Thanks there 😀😀

Ahmad Saitama
Ahmad Saitama

Same here. Mine also doesn’t have the “1 MEASAT 3(VL)” option. Do you have any idea why? Seriously we need your help.

Shahira Shazreen
Shahira Shazreen

thank you so much! it works 🙂


For my case, it works for some channels, but some channels keeps showing “service is unavailable due to rain etc etc” but there’s no rain. This happens to HD channels and I have subscribed to them.

Will this fix apply to the same scenario?

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