How to play YouTube video in a floating window in Google Chrome

Floating for YouTube
Floating for YouTube

Do you want the YouTube video to play on top of any active windows while using your computer? Here’s how to play YouTube video in a floating window. You can open any app and still watching the video.

By using Floating for YouTube Google Chrome extension, you can play any YouTube video and play them in a floating window on top of any active windows you are currently using.

This extension also features to toggle YouTube Ads, drag to move window, toggle Always on top, watch later and sharing option. However, there is one function seems missing which is the extension icon to skip the copy and paste video URL.

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Play YouTube video in a floating window in Google Chrome

Here’s the step by step instruction to install the extension and start playing YouTube video in a floating window.

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser.
  2. Go to Chrome Web Store.
  3. Search for Floating for YouTube extension.
  4. Select Add to Chrome.
  5. In the popup window, select Add extension.
  6. Once added, select Floating for YouTube.
  7. Go to YouTube website.
  8. Copy video link and paste into the Floating for YouTube window.
  9. It will automatically play the YouTube video.
  10. Click the thumb pin icon to let the floating window to stay always on top.
  11. Now, you can open any window and the YouTube video will continue to play on top of any windows you open.
  12. To re-open the floating window, select the App icon from Chrome toolbar and repeat from step 7.

While the video is playing, you can drag the window and place it anywhere on the screen and resize the floating window. You also can play and pause the video at any time.

One thing I can’t find is when the video ended, there’s no way to paste a new video URL. I need to close and re-open the app. Anyway, it’s a cool extension to have if you love to entertain yourself while doing your job.

Note: If you encounter “Video unavailable”, that means the video owner has disabled the option to play the video on other websites.


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