Search and identify unknown phone numbers with Truecaller


Search and identify unknown phone numbers automatically, available for Android, iOS and Windows phone. You can identify the name behind any number, regardless of it being saved into your phone.


Remember when you have a missed calls from unknown numbers and you hesitated to call them back because you don’t even know who are they? Whether they are from banks who are chasing you for the outstanding credit card and loan payment or your family members who are living abroad.

Actually, there is an available app for Android and iOS which can automatically identify and let you access the information about those numbers. All the information in their database is backed by millions of users worldwide.

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Search and identify unknown phone numbers with Truecaller

You can search and identify any unknown phone numbers with an app called Truecaller. When you install Truecaller, this app will try to identify any unknown numbers appear on your screen and display it along with the numbers.

Theoretically, Truecaller will gather and keeps information from its millions of users around the world into the database. It works when the user tags or marks the number into specific categories like spam, bank, don’t answer, and etc.

For example, if any user tag one number as spam. Then, when the same number calls you, Truecaller app will display the number and show you information about this number as spam and how many people has mark this number as spam.

Download Truecaller app:  AndroidiOS

After you install Truecaller app on your phone, you can start using it right away. There is also an option for you to block any unwanted calls or hidden numbers. Open Truecaller app, select any numbers from the list and you are ready.

Besides, if you are using an internet browser, you can go to their website and use their search box to find any phone numbers.


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