Spammer alert!

Spammer alert! 1
Spam email from

Important! I wanted to let you know that there is a spammer using postmaster email address. Recently, I have received two emails from postmaster, to be specific, they are from


The first thing you need to do if you receive an email from this address is do not reply. You can mark it as a spam email, this will help your email program to recognize this email as spam and will automatically move them to the spam folder in the future.

Just for your reference, the following are the examples of emails I received from

Here’s the first email I received from this email address:

Fwd: attached receipt for balance payment

Hello, contact,



Thursday, August 25, 2022



And here’s the second email I received:

FINAL WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Account Termination

Hi There,

Finally, remind you that your email account will be terminated at the following:    2022-8-31  12h00    (Standard Time)

Kindly login to keep your account active.

Note   : Please indicate whether you are still using this

If you look at the picture above, there are two buttons; Active & In-active, both buttons are hyperlinked to I’m not sure what website is this and I didn’t bother to visit because the URL looks fishy to me. So, I just ignore these emails and move them to the spam folder.

There’s a possibility that if you click those links, it will redirect you to the login page. And if you key in your username and password, your account will be hacked. So, please do not click any link inside that email.

Do you receive any emails from postmaster? Or from

If you want any tips on how to check for spam emails or phishing emails, leave your requests in the comment below.


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