6 Must-have apps for remote workers

6 Must-have apps for remote workers 1
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Are you a remote worker looking for apps that could help you? You are in the right place! Here you will find the best 6 apps which could help you with the work.


Disclosure: This is a guest post and the author’s views here do not necessarily reflect those of the blog owner.

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Best 6 apps for remote workers

1. Glip

When you work from home, there could be problems with connecting with your team from work. This app would help you to communicate with other co-workers. On this app, you could choose between text or video calls. So, with this app, you could call or text your team quicker and communicate about plans, work, and share work tasks.

 2. Evernote

This app would help you with the organization. You could write your plans, meetings, tasks, and everything you have to do. Also, you could put audio, PSF-s, scan, text, and images to your notes. When you need some note quickly to be found, you type it in a search engine, and it will pop up first. This app would help you find the information you need anywhere. You could sync notes on any of your devices.

 3. Noisli

If you have a hard time focusing at work, this app would help you a lot. This app provides background noises. So, it blocks other unwanted sounds. The best thing about this app is that you can choose from different sounds and mix your favorite. So, find your favorite relaxing sound and enjoy it at work. For example, you could mix sounds of rain, thunderstorm, sea waves, and it will associate you with calm days at sea.

 4. Workfrom

This app shows you the best spots in town where you can work from. It could quickly find the best coffee shop or library where you could quietly work. If you are on a business trip, and you do not know where you could work, you should use this app. It will show you the best places near you, so you would not get lost.

 5. Trello

This app would help you collaborate at work. With this app, you could easily track and organize work. You can choose and create custom boards. Also, you decide how many columns you want and give them names. Then you put cards, for example, a date when your task needs to be done or a description of what you have to do. This app is constantly developing, so now you could choose between different templates.

 6. nTaskmanager

This app combines everything you need in one place. For example, if you need a planner, you could write everything in this app. Also, you could use a checklist for things you have to do. You could open the task board and see what your assignment is. Also, you could communicate with your co-workers, share files with them, and arrange meetings.


When you are working from home, there are many things you need to arrange and have. One of the things that could help you are apps. Many useful apps could improve and facilitate your work from home. Here you could read the best six apps for remote workers. All of them are useful and would help you. One of the best is nTaskmanager. This app combines all you need. You could easily communicate with your team and arrange tasks and meetings.

This is a guest post by Susan.

Susan started working from home and found many useful information and applications that further help her in her new environment. In her spare time, she loves to research, which is why she started writing articles. She also writes reviews for one website about the office. So, if you want to read and know more information, you should visit that website about office.

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