6 Cooking apps to help you in the kitchen

Cooking apps
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Looking for the best cooking app? You came to the right place because here you will find the best six cooking apps.


Disclosure: This is a guest post and the author’s views here do not necessarily reflect those of the blog owner.

This review will also help you in finding new interesting recipes. Here you will discover useful advice and learn more about each app.

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Best six cooking apps to help you in the kitchen

1. BigOven

This is one of the most popular cooking apps. You can search for all kinds of recipes, but this app offers many more possibilities. For example, you can make your own grocery list or create a meal plan. It Is accessible for everyone. Also, this app is free, but you need to sign in first. When you become a member, you can see divine recipes and learn how to make them step by step. With each cooking instruction, you will see a picture of that meal prepared before by somebody else.

2. Yummly

This app is perfect for everybody who loves to explore new recipes. There you can find different cooking instructions for many occasions. For example, there is a whole group of just Christmas dishes. Also, you can save your favorite dishes and prepare them later. Just like BigOven, Yummly also has a meal plan maker. You can browse any meal by ingredients, and that is perfect if you have any allergies. This app is also free and compatible with androids and iPhones. 

3. Paprika

The best thing about this app is that it can help you measure the ingredients you need based on serving size. That could help you a lot while making a meal. This app allows you to save different types of recipes from several web pages. Also, on that app, you can make your grocery list, or you can make your own menu based on your favorite recipe on that site. This app is not free, but it has a fair price.

4. Cookpad

This app is like social media but for cooks. Here you can post your own dishes with pictures, other members could comment on them. The best thing is that your friends and family can also join and you could send recipes to them. Everyone gets their own profile. You can choose to watch different types of dishes, or you could post it and share it with your family. Also, this app is free to use for everybody.

5. SideChef

Hands can get very dirty in the kitchen. When you peel the potatoes or when you merge different ingredients. This is why you need this app. It talks back, so you could listen to how to make a meal. But, if you prefer videos or step by step explanations you can choose that. So, when your hands are dirty, you don’t need to look at the phone to know what to do next. This app is becoming one of the most popular, and it is free and available to everyone.

6. Green Kitchen Stories

If you are a vegetarian you will love this app. Here you could find interesting recipes with your favorite veggies. Even if you are not vegetarian, this app could be useful to you. You could learn how to make roasted pumpkin salad or peanut butter protein bars. This app is free for everybody who wants to learn new recipes.


Although every one of these cooking apps is great and educational, SideChef shows the most progression. Also, this app has a good perspective for more innovations that could make this cooking app even better. A great benefit is a hands-free option. Also, this app is free, so that makes it just perfect. But, if you decide on another one, you would not be disappointed.

This is a guest post by Linda.

Linda enjoys preparing delicious food for her family. She made many researchers while cooking, and that is why she knows the best apps and websites about cooking. Here you could see one of her favorites, and she writes there too. Linda found her most delightful dishes right there, so have a look at some and enjoy.

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