How to use HiMedia remote control to control TV

HiMedia remote control
HiMedia remote control

If you’re using HiMedia Android TV Box, you should know that you can use the remote control to control your TV set. If you’ve not done it yet, you’ll learn how to setup HiMedia remote control to control your TV set in just a moment.


Just like any remote control, you can setup the HiMedia remote control to learn how your TV remote control works and lets HiMedia remote control alone to do both jobs.

HiMedia remote control comes with 4 self-learning button keys which you can use it to control your TV including Power On/Off, Volume +/- and AV/TV selection. Follow below steps to let Himedia Remote Control learn and control your TV set.

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Use HiMedia remote control to control TV

  1. Press and hold the Set button on Himedia remote control for 2 seconds until the LED lighten.
    • This indicates the HiMedia remote control is entering learning state.
  2. Press any key you want to learn, for example, Power button.
    • The LED lights should be blinking steadily.
    • This indicates the HiMedia remote control is on the study and receiving status.
  3. Put transmitter head to head of two remote controls in a straight line (a distance of 2-5 cm will be perfect).
  4. Press the Power button on the TV remote control.
    • The LED of HiMedia remote control will blink rapidly 3 times and on long lighting status.
    • This indicates that learning is completed.
  5. To learn other keys, repeat step 2 until step 4.
  6. Once done, press the Set button to save and exit the learning state.
    • The LED light goes off indicates the learning is completed.

Now you should be able to use your HiMedia remote control to control your TV set. It is easy to use only one remote control to control both, your Android TV Box and TV set.

Let me know if you need any help.


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